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You want to know what I can’t do?

Building houses in The Sims.

I’ve been playing this game for almost twenty-one years and I still can’t build a house that looks good enough for my simulation. So what if I have a specific idea for a house that I can’t build?

I go to the gallery (or just around the jumpers) and find what I need.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the most beautiful (and cozy) finished houses for your Sims.

1. Malinfinstad small roofed house

Look at this CC

This nice room, a bathroom is big enough for one or two sims.

But what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in personality.

With much of the roof made of glass, this home feels so light and airy that it will put any Sim in a good mood.

Although it doesn’t have CC, it uses a pretty long list of packages. So you need to make sure you have the right extensions for this.

Your Sim family can get this little beauty for the low price of 59,045 simoleons.

2. Gino Boho Cottage by Rirann

Look at this CC

This little bohemian house has one of the best vibes on this list.

It’s so convenient. And even though it’s smaller, there’s plenty of outdoor space for your Sims to enjoy.

The build has CC, but one of the best things about downloading The Sims source is that you can also get all the CC you need in one click when you hit the download button.

Don’t forget to take a look on this porch. Because with hanging fairies and a canopy, your cornices are in one piece.

3. Hedera Cottage by Xandralynn

Look at this CC

This beautiful ivy-covered house is by far the most regal of all, and it shows in its best light.

It is an impressive stone house of two floors with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

There is also a bar, a fireplace and a desk in the lounge.

The outdoor space is just as beautiful as the indoor space and there is plenty of room for the gardener to explore his or her talents with a gazebo, planters and a table for flower arrangements.

This beautiful house can be yours for the price of 140 143 €.

4. Witch house by simnematographygj

Look at this CC

If you have a Sim who lives alone, has a penchant for gardening, and might even be a witch…. then this little house is perfect for him or her.

As long as it’s small, the landscape will surprise you.

This is a bedroom that also has a small witch room and is free of CC.

It’s all about using a little bit of everything in each package, so keep that in mind when shopping for your next home.

5. Lesser field clover Isegrimsim

Look at this CC

Oh, this one’s just precious!

This little dream house could be a converted barn, as it is still quite spacious, even though it only has one bedroom.

It has a beautiful winter garden that is completely made of windows from top to bottom. And that leads to a beautiful patio with lots of plants to give your Sims a green thumb.

It is also royalty free and can be used by anyone under §102 877.

6. Berm cottage Kiimi_2_Sweet

Look at this CC

Then we will have our first house completely finished and ready for use!

It is a picturesque house literally built into the hillside. It’s the perfect size for a single person or a couple, and it has everything you need to be completely self-sufficient in the game.

This is also a theft for §89,752.

If you go, don’t miss the rooftop terrace with the largest telescope I’ve seen on the house in a long time.

7. Ecottage Loft of Grimbucha

Look at this CC

This incredible Grimbucha loft cottage might just be the favorite on this list!

From the outside it looks like a very nice house. But there are many improvements that have made it very eco-friendly!

It is decorated with vines and creeping flowers on all sides of the stone exterior and also has a bay window for everyone to enjoy.

It has no CC, but uses a relatively large number of objects from different packages. So, as always, keep that in mind.

But the best part of this adorable cottage is the price!

Built in Windenburg, but sold for a very high price, this example could only be obtained for a price of § 53,795.

8. Brindleton Cottage near MychQ

Look at this CC

As with most homes on this list, it’s the outside that sells!

The interior is still very quirky and comfortable, but quite small. So you really have to use the open space to compensate for that.

Honestly, there are too many things in this party to list them all!

The house has the most beautifully decorated courtyard (with the wishing well turned into a flower pot! Can you believe it?!).

Not to mention that there is plenty of room for gardening.

If your Sim is looking for a comfortable escape from the daily grind, grab it before they leave.

9. Grandparent’s house in Killaben

Look at this CC

If you haven’t found a cottage you like yet, this could be the perfect gift.

The builder made this lovely little house for a bunch of grandparents who love to knit. If you like peace and quiet, this cottage is worth a try.

My favorite thing about this house are the matching porch swings. So cute!

It’s also a free CC, but it uses a bit of all the extension packages.

10. Flower House1392

Look at this CC

Do you see the power of flowers?

The time it took to plant all those flowers is truly insane.

This cute cottage has a studio/craft room on the main floor, as well as a bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and patio.

The only bedroom is on the top floor. But you can easily swap the workshop for another room if you need it.

And I have to say that these people really speak to my soul. And I bet it’ll appeal to yours, too.

If your Sims need a comfortable and lazy ride home, it’s waiting for them.

It’s also royalty free, so download it and get started!

11. Valentine’s Day Chalet Pinkfizz

Look at this CC

I know I can’t keep saying these are all my favorites, but I mean…. they are so pink!

This Valentine cottage has a bedroom in the attic and a downstairs with enough room for everything your Sims will need.

This one just screams romance to me. So, if you need a little love in your Sims’ lives, send them to this gem for a while (it will be a great place to rest, but also as a home).

12. Miss Honey’s Cottage by femmonation

Look at this CC

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this lot.

Can you believe that your Sims have a chance to live in Miss Honey’s cottage?

If you haven’t seen Matilda yet, leave the house hunting for now and check out the cottage in the movie.

It’s a way to appreciate this little home for all it has!

It’s a small converted garden house, filled to the brim with everything Sim needs to live.

The outdoor space is also breathtaking. If you need a little more space, sit in the garden and let the magic happen.

13. Elf house in the tree by dasie2

Look at this CC

Why didn’t my cabin look like this when I was a kid?

This amazing house is so magical, I feel like it can talk to your Sims.

The manufacturer could have taken this straight out of a fairy tale!

This home is CC free and offers two bedrooms, one bathroom, all built in trees.

It also has a beautiful garden and a swimming pool. So, what are you waiting for? Magic is waiting for you!

14. Briar Cottage Sim Pickens

Look at this CC

This charming cottage is just what you need for easy living.

There is a nice fence that runs the entire length of the property, so you have plenty of privacy. It also comes with many plants to enhance your gardening skills.

Plus, it’s one of the most affordable homes on this list listed at §41,561 – and it’s CC-free, too!

15. Magnolia Cottageon laundry day

Look at this CC

If you are looking for a starter home and a small project, look no further.

This small lot has an unfurnished bedroom, a cottage with a bathroom, and plenty of room for your Sims to add their own artistic touches to the decor.

The outside of the house is absolutely beautiful with all the plants and flowers around it. So even if you don’t want to work indoors right away, you can just enjoy the outdoors on your veranda.

This one has a few CCs, so follow the links in the description to get those items.

So you can get this tiny house for just $18,289.

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