How to Build the Best Deck in Loop Hero? Card List & Unlock New Cards

Before you enter the combat zone, deckbuilding is an important part of the hero’s run. It may seem like a simple mission to build a base, but it’s not. The deck construction consists of several cards, each of which has a combo effect. Enemies change according to your choices, allowing you to progress. In this guide, I will provide some important tips for building a Loop Hero deck. With them you can plan your progression and reach the higher ranks.

Heroic bridge Rectification pass

Without an optimized deck, you won’t be able to survive long in the game. By randomly choosing cards, you increase your chances of unlocking stronger opponents. They won’t let you through, and you need an optimized deck with the right structures to survive. Here’s how to proceed at the start of the hero loop.

What are the looping hero classes?

The first question each player must ask before the game begins. Classes are an integral part of the main character. There are three classes in ‘Hero of the Loop’. It’s a warrior class, a wanderer class, and our necromancer. You can also change classes during the game. The choice of decks varies by class. Each card in the deck has a specific value that strengthens and unlocks something. For example, bonfire can restore 30% of maximum health and keeps monsters away. You can also use the cards to unlock new running hero classes. Your choice of class and the corresponding cards will give your hero enough power to survive longer. Look closely at the map description to see how it helps your hero class. We have a guide for a list of all Loop Hero cards.

Types of cards?

There are five types of cards in Loop Hero. Each of them focuses on a unique feature of deck construction. Knowing the different types will help you build a solid foundation for Loop Hero.

  1. Roadmaps : Build a new Terrarian, replace the Wasteland tile, and make enemies.
  2. Road Maps : Change the adjacent tiles.
  3. Landscape Maps : Change the scenery and discover new fans.
  4. Special cards: Rare cards, can unlock special powers, such as. B. make treasures appear or speed up time.
  5. Golden tickets: Powerful cards that reward you with new openings. It affects the whole game.

Understanding card combinations plays a big role in creating a solid deck in Loop Hero. Some cards combine well with certain types of cards. Don’t link the cards blindly, but read the description and understand the mechanism.

What is the best combination of card settings?

Card management in Loop Hero is tight. There are a lot of cards in the deck, and it’s not easy to remember the combo effect of every card. The Build Deck menu shows you what cards have been unlocked, and from there you can arrange them. At first you can choose one of the three available paths. Play as a demon-killing warrior or become a world-builder. Or just play the role of a planner. It all depends on your hero class and the types of cards you choose. Killing more demons unlocks more cards, but your hero will also need a health boost. Here, the correct placement of the cards plays a major role in survival.

Don’t forget to lay out extra cards and challenges for your hero. So don’t overload your deck with unnecessary cards. Each task has a reward, if the hero can complete them, you will discover new things in the game. The goal should be both survival and defending against enemies.

You can experiment with card combinations, for example. B. By placing pastures that heal your hero. But by placing meadows on different fields, you unlock flowering meadows that give the hero extra health points. When playing cards, keep an eye on the bar in the left corner of the screen. It fills up and indicates what is going to happen. There are more enemies in the morning or evening.

The final tip for building the Loop Hero deck is to retreat before you die. You can return to your camp by pressing the retreat button on the comfortable camp tile. You will not lose your reward when it is safe to return to camp. You lose 40% of your resources when you hit the retreat button of another title. If you die, you lose 70% of your resources. Before you conclude this guide, check out the following quick tips that will help you build a better foundation in Loop Hero.

Tips on how to build decks fast:

  • Construction of a herbivore hut : Unlock the healing potion.
  • Construction of a kitchen : Accelerates healing by 10%.
  • New builds unlock new cover maps, so keep building.
  • Keep an eye on the day meter.
  • Concentrate on letting go of the quick gears.
  • Clever placement of tiles, such as. B. A 3×3 grid of mountain cards gives you an extra 120 HP.

That’s it for the ‘Hero of the Loop’ deckbuilding guide. I will update this guide with more information in the near future. In the meantime, you can browse our Loop Hero Wiki section for the latest tips and tricks about the game.

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