How to Complete Sabotaging Salvation in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular shooters today. It has a large budget, a huge fan base, and a lot of hype. Despite the depth of its lore and the variety of its gameplay, some of its missions seem to be harder than others. In this case, the game’s missions are making its players quit the game. We will try to solve the problem of completing the mission “Sabotaging Salvation” in Destiny 2. The goal of the project is to create a blog post on a specific website, and to do it in the most convincing way possible. The blog post has to be actually published, with a link to the post on the website itself. The blog post has to be at least 100 words

One of the more interesting missions in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is “Sabotaging the Savathun’s Song,” particularly because it’s the first endgame activity in the game that involves changing missions based on which bit of gear you may have equipped. (Note: The mission can be completed with any rare gear, but this guide will recommend ways to do it with specific gear.)

In Destiny 2, you can only unlock a specific Exotic weapon by completing a specific task. You can do this by completing a specific mission, you will receive a code. However, the reality is that you do not need a code or secret mission to get Sabotaging Salvation. This is a guide for those who feel that they are not getting the right information.


  • Type of assignment: Task
  • Place of employment: Europe
  • Deployment time: 10-15 minutes

To weaken the ability of the traps, you need to stop their weapon production. You must travel to Reece-Reborn-Approach to sabotage the factory that makes their weapons.

Operational objectives


Open course (part 1)

You start in a room with an exit to the right. You have to go through it and destroy the enemies you find in front of you. At the very end is a door with a barrier that deactivates after you destroy the enemies around it.


Go through the gate after the barrier is disabled and follow the waypoint to the next area. If you miss enemies or go all the way to the end of one of the larger rooms, the door will close and you will have to destroy the enemies inside.

Open course (part 2)

Destroy all the enemies in the room until there are none left. Then Ghost has to hack the adjacent console so you can get through.

Open Door

Interacting with the console and Ghost will start the hacking, but you’ll have to defend it until you reach 100%. Unfortunately, the hack failed, and you have to go back to where you entered (marked by a landmark) and find something to destroy the door.

Destroy door

Go to the waypoint where the energy core is, which you need to steal and throw against the door.

Sabotage in a weapons factory (part 1)

After destroying the door, continue to the next waypoint according to the new objective.

Sabotage of fallen Briggs

word-image-3311 There are 3 non-functioning brigas in the area and your next task is to destroy them, which you can do by hacking them. Before you can break into each brig, you must destroy the defenders for each brig in each zone.

Plant sabotage (Part 2)

Go to the next intersection and you will enter a large room with a console at the end. Approach the console and get to work on it, but be prepared for a fight, as fallen walkers will appear and attack you.

Defeating the Fallen Tramp

word-image-3312 Keep attacking the fallen hobo until you have destroyed about 3/4 of his health, at which point a laser will appear marking the area where he is. After the big bang, a plant brigade appears at the site of the fallen Wanderer, which you must continue to destroy.

reverse side of the coin

Fight the factory brigade while avoiding too much damage from the surrounding enemies. If you destroy them sooner or later, the mission is over.


  • You don’t have to fight all the enemies in the area, but it can make your job easier, as they can do quite a bit of damage when they shoot at you.
  • Fallen Wanderer won’t be around long, and some will turn him into Brigue.
  • The factory brigade can do a lot of damage and will try to use area attacks if you hide behind pillars, stay mobile or use your skills.
  • After completing this quest, you can start collecting Herealways coins, which you can use to buy quests in Varix.


word-image-3313 Destroying the factory team shuts down the entire factory, so your attempt to stop the production of fallen weapons is successful. After completing this quest, the Fall of the Empire quest becomes available, which you can get from Varix in Charon’s Passage.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about sabotaging salvation mission location and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the sabotage quest in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2: Forsaken, the Sabotage: Salvation quest requires you to destroy Fallen transmat beacons. These transmat beacons are guarded by a number of Fallen and they can be tough to complete solo. Follow these Destiny 2: Forsaken Sabotage: Salvation quest steps to complete the quest. Destiny 2 ‘s first raid, Leviathan, was released on Sept. 13, 2017, and it introduced a new way of doing things: rather than a traditional boss fight, the team had to battle their way through a large maze-like area, fighting different enemies and completing different objectives. One of those objectives was the sabotage mission, which introduced a new type of enemy that had to be fought in a specific way, and it wasn’t very obvious how to do it. To help you complete the sabotage mission, here’s a guide that will show you how it’s done.

How do you get a Salvation grip?

When it comes to the raid, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you get through the different challenges and obstacles. However, there’s one that often gets overlooked: the Salvation grip. It’s a perk you can earn by completing a mission with the best possible rating. The Spark This is the part, where I’ll write about how I came to be here. I was born in a small town in Germany, where I lived until I was 25. I went to University and studied Physics, which was kind of boring, but I didn’t mind too much, as I’d pretty much been playing computer games my whole life. I’m not sure if I was good at them, or just good at finding fun The first and most important thing you need to know about obtaining a Salvation Grip is that it is no easy task and takes a lot of time and effort, but with that said, we are here to support you in achieving this goal. The second thing you need to know about obtaining a Salvation grip is that it is not the only way to upgrade your desired weapon.

How do you unlock Europa in Destiny 2?

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before humans will set foot on the icy surface of Europa and walk among the alien flora and fauna for the first time. As humanity inches closer to reaching this once-fictional moon in the real world, the fictional Guardians of the last city on Earth are also getting closer to Europa in the Destiny universe. In the recently launched Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2, Guardians will have the chance to unlock a new social space on the moon of Jupiter. As players make their way through the story in Destiny 2: Forsaken, they’ll eventually reach the end of the main campaign, where they’ll meet the last boss, Urias. To beat the final boss, players must use the abilities of their Super characters in a certain way, and this can be tricky without a plan. This guide will show players how to beat Urias in Destiny 2: Forsaken by using the Super abilities of their Guardians to take out the warlock.

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