I charted Skyrim’s lunar calendar

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lunar calendar.

Then post it here. I wanted to share a project I’ve been working on. Enjoy the interspersed legend.

I made a Masser & Secunda lunar calendar and discovered some interesting mechanisms and patterns. If you’re interested in a visual explanation, here’s
lunar calendar.

The youtube video I made for this post.

Here is a link to the calendar. Honestly, I’m bad at browsing, so ….. I was amazed that I could do so many things! But if someone wants to use/improve/copy it for their own use, let them.

A few remarks

  • Massage changes phase every 3 nights. A second one is looking, but I’ll explain soon enough.
  • Masser’s lunar apogee occurs at midnight every 24 hours. Always. (aka the highest point in the sky).
  • The lunar tipping point of the seconds occurs every 20 hours. This means that one night the peak is at 12 o’clock and the next at 8 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 8 o’clock, 4 o’clock and so on. After a Google search, it’s kind of familiar, but that’s where it gets interesting.
  • Either way, Secunda has 5 possible positions relative to Masser. For example, the position where Masser & Secunda line up occurs every 5 nights.
  • Masser’s phase changes when he’s below the horizon.
  • Secunda’s phase should theoretically change with Masser, but in Oblivion and Skyrim Secunda can sometimes be above the horizon while Masser is below, so she can’t just change before our eyes. This partially explains why Masser and Secunda can have different phases on some nights – Secunda can miss a phase on the third night of Masser if she is in the last 2/5 clockwise position. I called it the third night paradox.
  • However, the second one has a phase shift circuit. He changes phases every 4 nights, then 2 nights, then 4, then 3, then 2, then repeats this pattern. 4-2-4-3-2. For 15 nights, Masser: 3-3-3; Second: 4-2-4-3-2.
  • All these jumbled phase combinations create a seemingly unpredictable composition. But the overall picture repeats itself – every 120 days, to be exact. So, 15 Evening Star 4E201, the full moon will be the same as the beginning of the game 17 Last Seed 4E201. This recap is marked in bright red on the calendar linked above.
  • Now you can ask: What are the stages of the Khajiit fur products game? Suffice it to say that of the 16 forms of the Three Booksellers (not counting Mane), there are only 8 of these phases. They would only produce: Sutkhay, Sutkhay-rakht, Kathay, Kathay-rakht, Senche, Senche-rakht, Dagi, Dagi-rakht.

A funny story

  • Both Oblivion and Skirim have the same moon mechanisms.
  • The strange mechanism in Morrowind, where Secunda seems to slow down and catch Masser from a different angle, is most similar to Oblivion’s Paradise.
  • The dagger had no visible mane above the ground. But if two full moons are near, for lycanthropes.
  • Despite this popular image, the arena has a large white moon roaming the sky, and the phase and position of the moonrise changes depending on the day (it works a bit like the constellations in Skyrim).
  • ESO is my favorite because it uses an irl clock. With a little help from Dave @ UESP, I learned that each ESO game day was exactly 20955 seconds long and that the full lunar cycle was 30 days long. Dividing by 8 (per phase), we see that each phase requires ~3.75 days of ingramming. That’s 21,825 hours of work.

This project is heavily inspired by u/kingjoe64, who is a legend in his old moon exploration roles.

Has anyone found a mechanism like that that goes much further than that? I really have to look at the moons twice every time I play TES.

Source: Original link

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Send me a Skyrim lunar calendar card for The Elder Scrolls.

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