5 Reasons To Buy a Potato Digger For Your Small Farm

The agricultural equipment and tools that every farmer needs have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. As agriculture took shape and people realized they could cultivate and harvest, a new era dawned for human civilization in which cultivation for survival became paramount. In today’s world, at least as far as the importance of agriculture is concerned, things have largely stayed the same. The ability to grow edible plants and vegetables and harvest them for domestic or commercial use is why millions of people can live and billions can eat.

On a smaller scale, however, in a scenario where a family manages and occupies a small farm, things work the same way. However, due to the shortage of labour, the availability of suitable equipment is much more important. People who have a small farm where they like to grow their favorite crops often have all the tools they need. If you want to grow potatoes, you can hardly do without a potato harvester.

Excavators or potato harvesters are important pieces of equipment that lighten the load and speed things up. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons why you need a potato harvester on your small farm. At the end of the list, you are already looking for the best and most useful model. If this is the case and you are looking for your first potato harvester, we recommend you take a look at tehnos.pl.

What are potato harvesters?

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While it seems unnecessary to describe them because their name says it all, some additional information about these machines is necessary if you want to know why you need them in your business. They work by lifting the ripe potatoes from the ground using disks. Crops and excess soil are picked up and transported over roads and paths where everything is sieved. The crop is then transported to a separate machine or to another machine, depending on the model. The final part of the process involves removing lumps, stones, stems and stalks by hand until only potatoes remain.

There are different types of harvesters, but currently most farms use either potato harvesters or bobbers. The spinning machines have to be coupled to tractors and are old machines that have to be turned up. In those days horses were still used, nowadays tractors do most of the transport. The spinner has a flat metal piece that goes through the bottom and lifts the potatoes. It also has a large spoked wheel that pushes the crops and everything else aside. The potatoes must then be harvested by hand.

This method is rather outdated, as new technologies have made things much easier and more efficient. This new technology comes in the form of haulm cutters, agricultural machines that actually cut the stems, or foliage, off the potatoes and harvest them on the spot. These machines are mounted in front of or behind the tractor and are easy to assemble. These efficient machines often work in conjunction with other farm machinery to make the process even easier and faster.

Reasons why it is necessary.

Now that you’re more familiar with excavators, let’s explore why you need one and how it can help you.

1. Convenience and efficiency

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The most obvious reasons are more than enough for any farmer to buy an excavator. Not only will harvesting potatoes be a piece of cake (farm?), but you’ll be doing it as efficiently and quickly as possible. You probably already own a tractor, because you can’t farm without one. If you want to grow potatoes on your small family farm, then buying an excavator is the only logical step. Depending on how much you want to plant and harvest, you can choose from a wide range of harvesters, large, small, powerful or simple.

2. No adaptation needed

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If you have the right equipment to use yourself, with a little help from the rest of your family, you won’t have to hire people each season to help you dig and harvest. Most farmers do not like to use extra hands because it is not the most efficient way to do farm work and not everyone is willing to do the work. It’s much easier and more enjoyable when you can do it yourself, at your own pace, but without giving anything up.

3. Speed

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With the right technology and modern practices, you are done with your potato work and can move on to other farm work. And we all know how much work it takes to run a farm. Potatoes are just a small part of it, but they are difficult and time-consuming enough to be a chore that almost no one enjoys.

The alternative would be to do it by hand and lie in the sun for hours. With the harvester you only have to go once through the field and all potatoes are harvested and ready for use.

4. No land.

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Shovels are made for this, and they do it without any problem. This means that if you place the machine next to the plants to work, you won’t have to go back and clean the area, as you probably would have done without the machine. This already transforms the soil and makes it more suitable for planting new plants. Remember: It’s about making your farm better, easier and more fun.

5. Investments for life

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To round out our list and the five reasons to buy a potato harvester, we must say that this is an investment that will last for decades, probably for the rest of your life. Since you will only use it a few times a year at most, when properly maintained and stored, it is everything you and your children, or even grandchildren, will need for potato work on the family farm.

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