AnyDesk vs RDP: Performance and bandwidth compared

The remote desktop connection is a bit limited in this regard. Although there is no specific address book, recent contacts are saved for quick access.

You can also open all active connection settings to the RDP file or open a saved connection via the interface.

Tools for cooperation

Integrated collaboration capabilities are essential for any business that needs to work from multiple locations.

RDP and AnyDesk allow you to work on documents and presentations in real time, but AnyDesk offers a number of additional features.

With support for text chat, voice and video conferencing, AnyDesk now offers automatic recording of remote desktop sessions.

Plus, you can draw on the screen to share your ideas using the included whiteboard.


AnyDesk uses the standard TLS 1.2 technology to protect your computer from unauthorized access. It uses RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify that each incoming connection is secure.

Users can control who has access to their computer by adding contacts to the trust list. AnyDesk uses a salted password hash to protect user passwords, making decryption impossible.

With two-factor authentication, you can double-secure any device you use remotely. AnyDesk sends a one-time password for new sessions, adding an additional layer of security to the existing password for unattended access.

Privacy mode allows you to remotely hide the screen you are working on. This feature is useful if you don’t want anyone looking at your computer screen in public places and if you want to protect sensitive documents.

AnyDesk offers a controlled resolution feature. The owner can grant and set permissions to users requesting access before the session begins.

If you want to share the screen, you can disable mouse and keyboard access, clipboard access, etc. so that nothing happens without your knowledge.

The remote desktop connection also operates on an encrypted channel to prevent unauthorized access to your data and computer.

However, the user should be warned of a man-in-the-middle attack due to a vulnerability in the encryption process.

Remote Desktop Connection does the basics well, but AnyDesk offers a better set of features, collaboration tools, and excellent security features.


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AnyDesk is based on the innovative DeskRT codec. It compresses and transmits image data between computers, even over low-bandwidth connections, up to 60FPS for LAN and Internet connections.

Easy operation and user interface

Remote Desktop Connection does not have the prettiest or most modern user interface of the remote desktop tools.

In the login window, the user must enter the name of the remote computer and the username for the connection.

Unlike AnyDesk, Remote Desktop Connection requires the user to configure the application using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Wizard. So if you are looking for something that is ready to use, AnyDesk is the best choice.

AnyDesk on the other hand has a neat user interface where all the extra options are hidden under the menus. To connect, use the desktop access address or enter the remote desktop address and click Connect.

Screen resizing works well for both remote desktop tools, with multimedia content such as. B. Images are displayed clearly and crisply. Connection to mobile devices works smoothly because of the different screen sizes.

The connection between your mobile phone and your desktop on AnyDesk is smooth and without any noticeable lag. The screen of the mobile phone can be used as a touch screen.

Moreover, you can even change the input option and select the remote screen if you have a multi-monitor installation.

You can also use the mobile app to take screenshots, request advanced permissions, record sessions, download files, and use a VPN.

However, with the Remote Desktop connection, the connection between the mobile device and the desktop only provides the necessary.

System resource usage and latency

In our test, the AnyDesk Mobile-to-PC and PC-to-PC/Mobile applications connected almost instantly.

Mouse tracking was smooth, and there were many options to mimic signing offers when connecting to a PC via a mobile phone.

The use of system resources is impressive. These applications can consume just under 10% of the total CPU power, giving you enough resources to get your work done.

In terms of system resource usage, both applications are less intensive. Performance is good, but the extra features in the desktop app and the AnyDesk mobile app make it the clear winner, even in the free version.


The Remote Desktop connection does not have a traditional support system. While users can use the official forum to get some support, this is currently the only support resource available.

The company offers online support for AnyDesk. Existing customers can request technical support for priority requests through the portal.

The other way AnyDesk provides support is through a message. Users can send a message and expect help via email. AnyDesk also has a phone number, but it is reserved for sales inquiries.

Prices and plans

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) is a completely free remote desktop solution. It is pre-installed and requires no subscription.

AnyDesk is available in Pro and Free versions. While the free version is available to individuals and non-profits, the premium version is available in three versions.

Businesses can use a Lite, Professional or Power plan depending on the size of their business. The commercial Lite version lacks the address book, session logging, custom features and additional user functions. While the professional level allows you to skip an unlimited number of concurrent sessions.

AnyDesk vs. RDP – which variant to choose?

Both remote desktop solutions perform the basic tasks of remote access to devices on the network. While Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) offers only basic tools, AnyDesk offers extensive functionality and is easy to use.

Although the Remote Desktop connection is free for personal and business use, the options are limited.

The free version of AnyDesk offers most features for personal use. For commercial use, these plans are available to individual users.

If you are looking for a very simple connection to a remote desktop, then RDP is a good choice. It offers a non-standard interface, a solid secure environment and several customization options.

Microsoft’s mobile remote login application works the same way. It has an easy to use interface and offers basic configuration options.

Users can enable privacy mode to black out the screen, take screenshots, choose from multiple input options, seamlessly switch between windows in multi-monitor settings, and more.

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If RDP does not meet your expectations, you can try the secure and reliable tool AnyDesk.

As you have seen, both are useful tools for remote sessions, but for users who want better security, session logging, screenshot sharing, file uploading, downloading and other additional features, AnyDesk is the better choice.

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