Top 7 free movie streaming sites that don’t require sign-up

In the age of streaming, made popular by streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, downloading movies is a thing of the past.

However, not all popular streaming platforms require users to register, which often requires entering credit/debit card information. When in doubt, here are the seven best sites where you can watch streaming movies without signing up.

Roku is a fairly popular free video streaming service that does not require registration. In addition, the service allows content to be delivered to almost any device. Enter a compatible application and you’re good to go.

The content selection is also top notch, including some of Netflix’s most popular series. Although there is a video here and there, the streaming quality is pretty good.

You can visit Roku here

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Vudu is another free movie streaming service that categorizes its extensive library by genre. The streaming quality is excellent and remains the same whether you pay for the service or watch for free.

Sometimes the site will ask if you want to rent or buy a movie, but you can ignore these prompts and wait for the free streaming button.

You can visit Voodoo here

If you think this is a Netflix clone, you’re not entirely wrong. The site has a single page with separate lines of content, almost exactly like Netflix. Not to mention that the movie library is one of the largest on the internet.

You can visit Popcornflix here.

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As with the other services listed, no registration is required to access this site. Everything is carefully arranged by genre, and the choice of content is huge: movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

The service also offers apps that you can download and use on your phone or tablet. Moreover, the server even allows synchronization between devices, so you can pick up where you left off.

You can call Tubi TV here

Crackle is by far one of the best free streaming services available online. Additionally, the service is owned by Sony Pictures, making it more reliable than any other service on this list.

Not only do you get a variety of movies and TV shows, but you also get the latest information on movies. Users can sign up to receive notifications about new and upcoming clicks. Note that you will need a VPN to access this service if you are in Asia.

You can call Crackle here

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The last item in the list is ShareTV. Although the service is very similar to all the other services in this list, what makes ShareTV unique is that if it doesn’t have all the episodes of the TV show you’re looking for, it can connect you to alternative sources where you can find the missing episodes.

This brings us to the next point. As you can guess from the title, the service is only about TV shows, so you won’t find any movies here.

You can open ShareTV here

Believe it or not, YouTube is actually a great option for streaming series and movies. You do not need to be logged in to see the contents of the page. You may have to deal with ads here and there, but as far as annoyances go, that’s it.

You can go to YouTube here

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