Destiny 2 Hakke Weapons Details – Complete List

Many players want to know more about the Heeled weapons in Destiny 2, a very popular weapon from this foundry. Therefore, all players want to know the full list of all weapons in this foundry, as well as the details of this foundry.

Get complete information on Destiny 2’s Heeled Weapons, details on this foundry, a complete list of all Destiny 2 weapons from this foundry and more. Without further ado, let us examine all the details of this foundry and its weapons.

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Destiny 2 Slashing Weapon Details

Hakke is a popular weapon factory of the Last City in Destiny 2. All weapons from this foundry are simple and primarily attack oriented. Their weapons have a hexagonal design and light brown surfaces with orange stripes. Because of their simple and unique design and stunning performance, all players of this game want weapons from this foundry.

Hakke only concentrates on working with his weapons. They are the most popular weapon makers in the game, as they resemble Golden Age technology and have offensive capabilities. Destiny 2 Heeled weapons offer a variety of weapons in the game. They produce weapons such as automatic rifles, pulse rifles, small arms, shotguns, sniper rifles and handguns. Since this foundry offers a wide range of weapons, not all players of this game know which weapon to choose.

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We have compiled a list of all the Heeled weapons in the game that you can get. This will help you decide which weapon is best for you.

Destiny 2 Slashing Weapon List

Here is a list of all the weapons available in Destiny 2, made by this famous gunsmith. Read the list to learn all kinds of weapons from them.

  • Acantha-D
  • Antiope-D
  • Athelflad-D
  • Atalanta-D
  • bad news
  • Baligant
  • Berenger’s warehouse
  • Disrespectful look
  • Eystein-D
  • Justice at the border
  • Good advice IX
  • Halfdan-D
  • Legal approaches II
  • Loquitor IV
  • Minimum distance
  • Morrigan-D
  • Naddodd-D
  • Plemusa-B
  • Pribina-D
  • Leave the gun III
  • Reginar-B
  • Roderick-C
  • Scipo-D
  • Showing strength
  • Somerled-D
  • Sondoc-C
  • The song of the judge VI
  • Télémaque-C
  • Efforts and challenges
  • Veleda-D
  • Weaver-C
  • Zenobia-D

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This is the weapon Hacke offers in Destily 2. Hakke is one of the few weapon factories in the game that does not offer exotic weapons in Destily 2. Since we have seen the weapons offered by this foundry in Destiny 2, let’s also take a look at all the weapons from this piece of junk in Destiny 2.

Destiny 1 Chopped Weapon List

  • Aoife Rua-D
  • Apple of discord
  • Arminius D
  • Set II
  • Fabian’s strategy
  • fever and remedy~, Judith-D modified by SIVA
  • Gaheris-D
  • Javanese Pigeon
  • Gerja-D
  • STEEL MEDULA~, Herja-D adapted by SIVA.
  • Immobius
  • Iron Crown – Commissioned by the IJzeren Banier.
  • Izdubar-D
  • ZEAL VECTOR~, Pryderi-D handgun modified by SIVA
  • JabberHäkke-D
  • Jingukogo-D
  • Judith-D
  • Lunge A
  • Lyudmila-D
  • Patch-A
  • QUANTIPLASM~, Dido-A modified by SIVA
  • Hushwind-D silver
  • Stillpiercer
  • Strongbow-D
  • Talestris-C
  • Dealers
  • The next big project
  • Zarinaea-D
  • Zen Meteorite

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This was the complete information about all the Hakka’s in Destiny 2 and their lists. Let us know what you think of this Heeled rifle in the comments below. We’d like to know whether or not you have any weapons in the game.

Conclusion: Slash weapon from Destiny 2

Finally, we hope you have complete information about the Heeled weapons in Destiny 2, complete information about this foundry, a list of all the weapons you can get in the game from this foundry, and more. If you have any doubts or questions about this arms foundry, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts.

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