How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working Issues? [Solved]

If you are facing problems with Spotify, it’s likely because you’re trying to play a song that’s been blocked in your country for copyright reasons. Spotify has the ability to detect your country’s IP address and block it from accessing certain songs. Some songs aren’t available in all countries. (Ever tried listening to Spotify in China? You can’t, but that’s for a different reason.) We’re here to tell you that you can still unblock Spotify and listen to the music you want to hear with Spotify VPN.

Hey guys, I got a solution for you so that you can fix Spotify Web Player Not Working issues. As you know, when we access Spotify on web browser the play button or the pause button doesn’t work. I faced this issue and I was very frustrated. I couldn’t even pause my playlist or pause my music. I even reinstalled Spotify and it didn’t work

If you are having problems with your Spotify web player and looking for solutions, then you have come to the right place to solve the problem of a non-functioning Spotify web player. If you are having problems with the Spotify web player, see How to delete a Spotify account.

Hello friends, lately some of my users are asking me for solutions to the problems with the Spotify web player not working, that’s why I decided to write an article about the problems with the Spotify web player with solutions. I think if you’re a Spotify user, you should also be familiar with the Spotify web player. Spotify is the world’s best music player, able to provide a wide range of songs. But they’ve recently developed a web version of Spotify, which means you can use Spotify in web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi, etc. Unfortunately, the Spotify web player is not available on Mac computers. Read on to find out how to solve the problem of not being able to connect to the Spotify web player.

  • Message: Most users experience the problem of Spotify not working due to slow internet connection and web cache issues.

When I try to listen to Spotify tracks on my Mac using the Safari browser, I get the message This browser does not support Spotify Web Player. Change browsers or download Spotify for your desktop. I finally found the solution on the Spotify forum, but I discovered that Spotify WebPlayer does not work on Mac devices. This is unfortunate for any Mac user. In this article I will show you some ways to solve problems with Spotify’s web player. You can install Deezer++ on iOS 13+/12+/11+/10+/9+/8+/7+ here.

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Questions from my users

>> Question 1) The Spotify web player works on my laptop but when I try it on my desktop it doesn’t work, how can I fix this?

>> Question 2) I’ve been using Spotify Web Player for 5 years, but suddenly it doesn’t play anything anymore.

>> Question 3) Spotify’s web player doesn’t play anything in Chrome. When I press play, nothing happens. Can someone help me?

>> Question 4) I can’t access Spotify through a web browser. In Chrome’s settings, the message Safe content is not allowed keeps appearing. But here’s the thing. Is there a solution?

I have also received many questions from my users and they are asking for solutions. So I finally wrote an article on how to troubleshoot when Spotify isn’t working.

Spotify web player does not work anymore

There are many reasons why the Spotify web player stops working, some of which you may not even understand. But some reasons are easy to understand and you can solve them yourself. Before you fix the problem of Spotify web player not working, you should first check your internet connection to see if it is working properly. If you find that the Spotify web player doesn’t work in your browser, try opening other websites in that browser; if they do, that’s fine. So the problem is not the internet connection. The Pandora++ app for iOS is also available here. Spotify web player not working in Firefox? So read on to find out how to fix it.

Yes, the web player is the most convenient way to listen to music from Spotify without having to install additional packages. However, most users find that Spotify WebPlayer does not work in Chrome/Firefox/Safari. Sometimes the Spotify web player works, but the web player doesn’t play the music, which is annoying. First, perform the following simple solutions to fix Spotify Web Player does not play music, which is a type of Spotify Web Player problem. Download SoundCloud++ for free to enjoy music on your iDevices.

Ways to fix Spotify not loading online

1. Checking Internet connection:

As I mentioned earlier, most problems with the Spotify web player are due to your internet connection. When troubleshooting Spotify’s web player, first check the internet connection of your Windows PC/laptop. After that, only you can move on. So try loading other sites in your browser first to see if they work or not. If other browsers also fail, you should reboot the router and wait a few minutes, then restart the Spotify web player page. If you still have the same problem after rebooting the router, you should call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to report the problem and ask for a solution.

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2. Use a link instead of an abbreviation in the browser:

Most people create short links to get to a page quickly. But sometimes bookmarks that mean shortcuts in your browser create a cache in your web browser, maybe that’s why you’re having problems with Spotify Web Player not working. In this case, try to use a link instead of an abbreviation. This link leads to the same place, but forces the browser to reload the page instead of using the cached version.

If this doesn’t work, try clearing your web browser’s cookies and cache to enjoy music from Spotify’s web player. Follow these steps to clear your cookies and cache.

3. Clear cookies and browser cache:

I think most web developers now ask for permission to access their site’s cookies to make sure it works properly and better. In addition, these cookies and caches contribute to the proper functioning of the users by storing important information such as logins. However, sometimes these cookies are not stored correctly, which causes problems with the Spotify web player.

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To clear cookies and cache in Google Chrome:

>> Step 1) First open Google Chrome, and then open the menu (three dots) in the top right corner of the toolbar.

>> Step 2) Here you have several options, go to the More Tools option, then to the Delete Data View option, or you can use the shortcut keys (Ctrl+Shift+Del) to go directly to the Delete Data View option.

Click Clear Browsing Data.

>> Step 3) Here you choose the desired time interval, here I take 24 hours as time interval to clear the cookies and cache within 24 hours. Also, don’t forget to check for cookies and other website data, as well as cached images and files, and finally click Clear Data to clear all cookies and cache from your Google Chrome browser.

Erase data recording

>> Step 4) Now restart the web browser, open it again and navigate to the Spotify web player to enjoy the music. I think this tip will work for you too.

Download Spotify++ to your iPhone/iPad. It’s an alternative to the Spotify web player that you won’t have any problems with in the future.

To clear cookies and cache in the Firefox web browser:

  • Open the Firefox web browser and go to the toolbar in the top right corner. (Just click on the three dots in the top right corner).
  • In the toolbar you will see several options, go to Library and then History.

Click on the library

Library >> History >> Delete recent history

  • Now click the Clear recent history button. You will be asked to specify the period for which you want to delete the history. Select a time range here based on when the Spotify web player stopped working, i.e. if the Spotify web player stopped working today, select Today.
  • Select Cookies and Cache and click Clear Now.

Select the time slot and press Delete now

  • Now restart the Firefox web browser and launch the Spotify web player. Your Spotify web player seems to be working fine now.

4. Check anti-virus and firewall settings

Sometimes antivirus programs and firewall settings block certain websites. If Spotify’s web player is the only website not working, it may be blocked by your anti-virus or firewall settings. So open your computer’s antivirus software and check the settings that block this service. Also open your firewall settings and check what settings are blocking this service. If you see that an item is blocked, you can uncheck it when using the Spotify web player.

Spotify web player does not work at all:

1. Enable content playback protection in Google Chrome

When you try to open the Spotify web player in the Google Chrome browser, the pop-up message Play protected content is not allowed.  You must then follow this method to activate playback of protected content.

Playback of protected content is not enabled

>> Step 1) First, open a new tab in Google Chrome and copy and paste the below address into your Google Chrome browser and press Enter.


Navigate to Chrome Settings-Content-on-Google-Chrome

>> Step 2) Scroll down and find the protected content. When you find it, click the down arrow to activate it.

>> Step 3) On this page, check the Allow sites to play protected content and Allow IDs for protected content options (you may need to restart your computer).

Enable display of protected content

If both settings are still on, turn them off, then turn them back on and try again.

>> Step 4) Then open Spotify Web Player in this Google Chrome browser, I think you can enjoy the music in the browser itself.

2. Update your web browser:

Sometimes the Spotify web player is updated for new versions of your web browser. If your browser has an older version, uninstall it and reinstall it from the original web pages. My advice is simple: try to download the latest version of Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers from their respective official websites. I think once you update your browser to the new version, you will also be able to use the Spotify web player in your web browser.

3. Switch to a different browser:

In fact, finding an alternative browser without fixing the problem will never be ideal. However, if you have followed all the above methods but have not found a perfect solution or cannot solve the problem, then you need to switch to another browser to listen to music with Spotify Web Player.

If you are using the Chrome browser to listen to Spotify music and you are experiencing the problem that the Spotify web player is not working, try the Firefox or Edge browser, and if you are using Firefox, try other browsers until the Spotify web player works.

4. Listening to music over a direct connection:

I think sometimes the Spotify web player works on your computer, but doesn’t play the songs. In this case, try using the song’s link in your browser to listen to it.

  • First, install Spotify on your computer/laptop.
  • Upload a song or album/playlist to Spotify now.
  • Here, select the three-dot menu in the upper right corner within the song to copy the link to the song.

Spotify Web Player not working Copy-song-link [PC:]

  • Paste the link to this song into your web browser, it should load and play.

If that doesn’t work either, check to see if your Spotify web player is being used on multiple devices. If you use Spotify on more than two devices, try it on one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Can I use the Spotify web player in Safari?

Answer: No, in fact Spotify’s web player does not work on Mac devices.

Question 2) Do I have to pay to listen to songs on the Spotify web player?

Answer: No, you don’t have to pay a cent to listen to songs on Spotify’s web player.

Question 3) Can I solve the problem of Spotify’s web player not working after reading the above methods?

Answer: I’m not sure, most methods work for me. I guess they may or may not work on your end.

Final closure:

In most cases, you can easily fix Spotify web player issues after following the above methods. I think Spotify’s web player is working fine now. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family. If you know any other solution to Spotify web player problem, please try to share your solution methods with us, it will surely benefit our users. If you need Spotify Premium accounts, you can get them for free.

This article mainly includes How to fix Spotify web player that doesn’t work or How to fix Spotify web player that doesn’t play music. In my opinion, Spotify’s web player is a unique web player for music. If your problem is still not solved after following the above methods, please let us know your request, we will do our best to provide you with the best solution for your request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Spotify online not working?

When you can’t connect to the Spotify online player, it can be frustrating. You want to listen to your music, but the site is down and nothing you try seems to work. In this case, you may not know why Spotify is down, but you can take some steps to fix the problem. As with most outages, there are three things to remember when trying to fix Spotify: restart the computer, restart the browser, and then restart the Spotify app. If you’re having problems playing Spotify, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to fix the problem. spotify is one of the most popular streaming services, and it uses a web player to allow users to play music in a website. Unfortunately, the web player is often a source of issues for users. The most common problem is that the spotify web player will just not work – and there are a number of reasons why this may happen.

How do I enable Spotify player on Chrome?

Feel like listening to Spotify’s huge music library but don’t want to fire up the desktop application? Thanks to the service’s new Web Player, it’s easier than ever to do so. Just launch the Chrome Web Store from your browser, search for Spotify, and click on the Install button to add it to Chrome. Once it’s installed, just click on the spotify icon in the top-right of your browser and sign into your account (or sign up if you don’t have one). If you’re a Spotify user, you know that one of the perks of being a Premium subscriber is being able to use Spotify’s web player to stream music from just about any computer with an internet connection. However, if you’re a Chrome user, you’ve probably noticed that the web player is disabled by default. Thankfully, the good folks at Spotify have released a Chrome extension to make the player accessible to Chrome users.

How do I fix my Spotify glitch?

The Spotify Web Player is not working for everyone today, but it’s important to note that this is not Spotify’s fault: Spotify is not a website and it’s not a web player, it’s a piece of software that you can download and install on your computer, and, this is key, it’s not on the web. The good news is that there is a simple workaround: just use Spotify’s mobile app, and you’ll be able to listen to music on Spotify until the Web Player is fixed. Spotify is the digital music streaming service that allows you to create your own music library and then listen to songs and albums from a larger Spotify catalog. Spotify is free, but the free version has limited features. To access the full Spotify experience you have to upgrade to a paid membership. Unlike other services such as Pandora, Spotify lets you choose exactly what you want to hear. Instead of listening to a playlist put together by a computer, you can make playlists based on your own unique tastes and preferences. Spotify will also recommend music to you based on your listening habits. This feature is available with the free version, but if you upgrade to a paid membership you can customize and save playlists for any occasion.

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