Outriders Achievement Guide (100% Complete)

In this guide, you will learn how to get 100% success in Outriders. If you’re one of those players trying to get all the Outriders achievements, then this guide is for you.

Before we continue with the tutorial, we want to remind you that the content of this article contains some spoilers about the game. If you are looking for a specific service, you can browse this page or press Ctrl+F to search.

Guidelines for Public Relations Objectives

There are a total of 43 achievements in Outriders. 8 of these achievements are hidden and secret. Below is detailed information on how to unlock all achievements, including secret achievements.

Performance related to history

The following achievements can be unlocked during a normal game. No extra effort is required to unlock achievements.

Wake up in a nightmare – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

In Rode A Hero – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Wavelengths and Wishes – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

One Way Ride – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Misbehavior – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Break the Seal – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Being a father is not easy, boss – keep up the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Descent into Rage – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Last chance – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Performing a secondary task

The following benefits can only be released if the conditions are met.

The priority task is to conduct a parallel search.

Multitask – Complete 25 side quests.

It is our responsibility to complete the rider’s legacy.

  • This side assignment has an accomplishment. Quest is located in Trenchtown.

Squiretization – Complete all side quests.

  • There are 25 quests in case you missed one, probably a secret quest called Chapel of the Forgotten.

The lateral search locations are separated by location:

Rift Town:

  • Bad day.
  • Pour a
  • Payback
  • Terra Infirma

First city:

  • Nothing like home.
  • The infinite darkness

Eagle Peaks:

  • Divine intervention
  • Scientific method

Deadrock Pass:

  • The call of nature
  • Free Market

Wreck Zone: 0 side quests, only hunter and desire quests (see below).


  • The legacy of the traveller
  • Misfire
  • Heart of gold
  • The treasure of life


Forest Enclave:

  • The game of manipulation
  • A predator for a prey.


Ancient ruins:


Dunes: 0 side quests, only hunters and historians (see below).


Desert Fortress:

Grand Obelisk Canyon:

  • Turnaround
  • The Forgotten Chapel [ORIGINAL QUOTE].

You must interact with all 5 pillars to start this quest. You can watch this video.

Pax City:

Caravelle: 0 side quest, only historian (see below).

Collective services

The following services are similar to those listed above.

Boss of the past – Complete the historical quest line.

  • The eternal quest in Rift Town
  • The never-ending quest in Rift Town
  • An inspiring quest in the first city
  • Vision Quest at Dead Rock Pass
  • Searching for roots in the quarry
  • Searching for memories at the door
  • Search for survival in the dunes
  • The Grand Obelisk Canyon Liaison Mission
  • Change quest to Pax City
  • Evolutionary research on the caravan

After completing all quests, you must speak with Madame Beauvoir in Rift Town.

Hand of Death – Complete the desired quest line.

  • Searching for a punch in Rift Town….
  • The search for Hannibal in the first city
  • Eagle Peaks Emergency Detection
  • Brickhead insert on the DeadRock collar.
  • The quest of the Bloody Baron in the Ruin Zone
  • Scalp King search in the quarry
  • Hornet operations in the forest enclave
  • The search for the bogeyman at the fort.
  • In search of the director in the ancient ruins
  • Blitzkrieg Quest at the Gate.

Make sure you talk to Ujio in Trenchtown after completing each quest.

Big Game Hunter – Complete the Hunter quest line.

  • Cold treasure at Eagle Heights
  • The search for the earwig queen in the demolition area
  • Quest Big Jaw in Curry
  • Splittoon Quest in Forest Enclave
  • Moldfang Quest in the Fortress
  • Ancient ruins.
  • The Wendigo’s quest is imminent.
  • Haura’s search in the dunes
  • Looking for the sand werewolf in the desert fortress
  • Typhoon Quest in the Grand Canyon of the Obelisk.

Make sure you talk to Noah Dembel in Trenchtown after completing each quest.

Benefits related to Class

You can gain the following achievements by upgrading your character. Most of them are explicit.

Fortune Favors the Bold – Reach character level 10.

Leave humanity behind – Reach character level 30.

Gathering Storm – Unlock the node in the class tree.

  • You get it when you spend your first class score on the skill tree.

Weather the storm – Control one branch of the class tree for each class.

  • Unlocked by adding skill points to the same branch/section of the character’s class tree. Note that you can reset the skill tree at any time.

Homicide-related services

The following achievements are based on the total number of enemies you have hit or damaged in the game. Most of them speak for themselves.

Snap Fingers – deals a total of 1,000,000 damage.

There are 3500 enemies to kill in the morgue.

Gravedigger’s best friend – kill 7,500 enemies.

Bad luck loves company – Kill 10 enemies with a maximum of 2 seconds between kills.

  • It’s easier with small creatures, as they get closer and closer to you. If you have problems, lower the world level (open the map, then press Z and select Level 1).

Deathblow – Kill an opponent affected by at least 4 different status effects.

  • It’s easier with a combination of two skills and two weapons. Some state effects have a slower duration, you can change the mods with Dr. Zahedi. This can also be done with co-op partners, but make sure you kill before the state effect goes away.

Clash of the Changed – Kill 5 elites with skills only.

  • Can be increased with the help of a cooperative partner. Your partner can take them down, you can finish them off with your gift if they are weak. Another method is to downgrade the world to level 1 and kill it with skills only. Elites are marked with a red skull and crossbones on the mini-map.

Punch – Kill a total of 50 enemies with a melee skill.

Hit the jackpot – Kill 1000 enemies in expeditions.

  • Expeditions are unlocked after completing the main story. You only need to kill 1000 enemies to get the achievement in this mode.

Ace in the hole – Use a power enhanced by 4 different mods.

  • Equip 4 different armors with the same skill. If you are lucky, you will find objects with the same characteristics. Otherwise, you can change mods with Dr Zahedi. You unlock mods by taking apart objects.

Creative activities and related services

The following information is based on your items and crafting activities in the game. Most of it speaks for itself, but we’ll give you a few more tips to make it easier.

Heavy merchant – Sells 300 pieces.

  • You can sell items to merchants in the towns or in Bailey (go through the story for this).

One person’s trash can – Dismantle 300 items.

  • Open your inventory, select a weapon/armor with rmb, then press the delete key (default is down).

The real potential lies in using crafting to increase the rarity of 15 items.

  • Talk to Dr. Zahedi and choose the green item (blue rarity works too, but green is cheaper) -> then upgrade the rarity option

Inventor’s Almanac – Discover 125 unique weapons and armor.

  • You unlock mods by taking apart objects.

Extreme Engineering – Use shipbuilding to replace 10 piece mods.

  • Talk to Dr. Zahedi, choose a weapon/armor with the skill, then click on the equipment mod and choose another mod. Repeat this 10 times.

War booty is the equipment of a legendary item.

  • After a few story missions you’ll get legendary items, so don’t worry about that.

Enoch’s Legacy – Equip your character only with epic or legendary items.

  • Only purple and gold objects count. Rest them in any place.

Collectible resources and achievements

The following achievements are based on the collectibles you can find in the game.

Staratel – Mine the ore from the deposit 30 times.

  • You can walk around and look for these places anywhere:

Knowledge is power. Fill a 150-page diary.

One for the books. A 300-page diary.

Performance challenges

The following achievements are related to the game challenges. To receive them, you must meet the requirements for these benefits. Some of these claims are obvious.

That’s about it. I’ve reached level 10.

I’ve been everywhere, I’ve done everything. I’ve reached level 20.

  • Press I, then Braces. On the right hand side you can see how many challenges you still have to complete to reach the next reward level. This should come naturally as you work on other achievements. If not, we recommend that you refine the combat rewards.

Class – Achieve the highest of 4 class awards for a class. (see below)

Rider, First Class – Obtain all awards in each class.

  • Press I, then Awards, then choose your class. 42 awards belong to this class, all skills have 5 levels.

Suggestions for grinding :

  1. In the first city, set the world level to 1 so the enemies die faster. Just follow the campaign trail. Watch this video for reference.
  2. A Solon expedition called Heart of the Wild, but it only works with beastly enemies. Change the challenge level to 1 and you can get 150-200 kills in 20-25 minutes (this is only recommended if you have solid gear).

And that’s it for the Outriders’ performance. Credits go to Nikki for a detailed tutorial.

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