Outriders Pyromancer Legendary Armor Guide – Legendary Armor Sets

Pyromancer Legendary Armor – Legendary armor, bonuses, mods.

This Pyromancer Legendary Armor Guide introduces you to all of the Pyromancer’s Legendary Armor kits, with their bonuses and the level 3 mods you get with each piece of legendary armor in the kit.

Each class in the game has four sets of legendary armor, each with the legendary armor pieces that make up the set. Legendary armor sets give powerful bonuses to your character class when you equip three or more legendary pieces.

Legendary armor can be obtained by defeating elite bosses in the game’s side missions or on expeditions you participate in after completing the game. You can also significantly increase your chances if you play at the highest world level, where you have over a 400% chance of getting legendary armor if you defeat enemies or complete missions.

Pyromancer Legendary Armour Guide

Below we have all the legendary armor sets with their bonuses, armor and mods that come with each piece of legendary armor.

Akari’s Armor

Each enemy damaged by Heatwave gives you a 25% bonus to Anomaly power for 10 seconds.

Legendary armor The best models
Akari Helmet
  • Fire Tsunami – Heatwave (Level 3)
  • Ember Shield – Overheat (level 1)
Akari’s armor
  • Detonator – Overheating (level 3)
  • Rising tide – Heat wave (Level 1)
Akari’s Gauntlets
  • Firepower – Heatwave (level 3)
  • Blacksmith – Overheating (level 1)
Akari towel
  • Echoes of an anomaly (Level 3)
  • Radiation wave – Heat wave (level 1)
Akari boots
  • Main consumer – overheating (level 3)
  • Heat wave (Level 1)

Lava Leach

Reduces Eruption’s cooldown and increases its damage.

Legendary armor The best models
The Lava Leach helmet
  • Master Ash – Ray F.A.S.E.R. (Level 3)
  • Magma Cover – Eruption (phase 1)
Roba superior by Lava Leach.
  • Not impressed (level 3)
  • Giga-Explosion – Eruption (Level 1)
The attraction of lava
  • Etna – Eruption (phase 1)
  • Power Supply – F.A.S.E.R Beam (Level 1)
The Lower Robe lava plant.
  • Increased damage – Disruption (level 3)
  • Dimensions – F.A.S.E.R Beam (Level 1)
Lava boots
  • Equal opportunities (level 3)
  • Vulcan Armor – F.A.S.E.R. Ray (Level 1)


Increases the damage of flame and heat bombs by 50%.

Legendary armor The best models
Reform Corps
  • Double Fun – Heat Bomb (Level 3)
  • Big Boom – Heat Bomb (Level 1)
Armaments reform
  • Burn – Heat bomb (level 3)
  • Ball absorption – Flame feed (level 1).
The hands of the reformers
  • Unstoppable Force (level 3)
  • True Explosion – Heat Bomb (level 1)
Boots for the Reformer
  • Assimilation capacity (level 3)
  • Nova – Feeding the Flame (Level 1)
The reformed rag
  • Flame sensor – flame feed (step 3)
  • Greek fire – Heat bomb (level 1)


Triples the size of the damage aura around each volcanic projectile.

Legendary armor The best models
The mask of the executioner
  • Death sentence – ashes explosion
  • Armor – Vulcan ammo
The vest of the executioner
  • Vulnerability – Volcanic eruptions
  • Radiation flame – Vulcan cartridges
The executioner’s gloves
  • Introvert
  • Fire extinguisher explosion – ashtray
Dust of the executioner
  • Ash and leeches – ash explosion
  • Extra Mag – Volcanic ammunition
Pyotchik’s shoes
  • Echoes of an anomaly
  • Empowerment – Ashgabat

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