Home Gaming Setup Competition

In March and April 2021, we went on a search for the best gaming facility in the world.

It is true that this term can be, at best, quite subjective. What’s best for one person may be worst for another – that’s the beauty of opinions. So when we decided to crown one of the winners, we didn’t just want to find the player who had put the most money into the lottery and didn’t seem out of place in the glitzy Esports scene (although that would have been great too).

So instead of rewarding the Twitch streamer millionaire with a table carved from solid marble and a replica of an iron throne as a chair (we’re assuming the man exists), we wanted to find a setup that exuded passion, was steeped in enthusiasm, and above all belonged to a gamer who clearly enjoys sitting for hours, pressing pens, and getting involved in epic scenarios.

After the announcement of the competition, many applications were received from the UK and the US. After the closing date, an expert panel of passionate gamers examined every detail of the entries.

After hours of discussions, tears, and fights (which, of course, didn’t result), they finally agreed on a shortlist and a winner. So see which settings are the best of the best:

Sarah, 32, from Spennymoor, United Kingdom

Two monitors, a professional microphone and headphones, and a warm purple glow – perfect for a long horizon: Zero Dawn (plus a calendar so she doesn’t lose track of the days).

Chris, 42, from Manchester, UK

What Chris lacks in cable management, he makes up for in peripherals worthy of any collection, including a steering wheel, pedals, joystick and VR headset (by the way, there’s a CD on the side of the table, don’t lose it).

William, 29, from Milton Keynes, UK

When your stereo takes up all the space in your guest room, you know you’re dealing with a serious player. The only thing missing from this machine are real wheels!

And finally, the winner…

Thomas, 19 years old from Beverly, New Jersey, USA

Thomas’ setup includes three screens, racks of current and retro games, and various consoles, including three Xbox One’s, N64’s, GameCubes, and PS2’s, as well as Atari 2600’s, NES’s, Xbox’s, and others that don’t even fit into the picture. There are empty water bottles, because Thomas knows it’s important to stay hydrated during long gaming sessions, and plenty of clean glasses to keep your vision clear.

Thomas’ attitude shows his passion for the game and his true character. Some of his favorite games of all time include Animal Crossing, Mario Sunshine, and Pokémon Channel. This proves that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment to show your love and dedication to the game.

When Thomas was told he was the winner of this prestigious award, he said: I’m shocked but grateful to have won the contest, and he plans to spend some of his winnings on Borderlands 3.

It may not have the bright lights that rival the Las Vegas Strip. But Thomas’ lineup is a testament to his love of the game, both from a past generation and another. We hope he will never lose this passion and will enjoy all the games he wants to play with his prize.

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