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Shadowlands, the latest expansion for the iconic World of Warcraft, has received a lot of attention from WoW players. The game includes many changes, such as a new level cap, and introduces the new Nathria Castle raid.

While the Battle of Azeroth sequence doesn’t seem that complicated, many players will still find it confusing. We decided to make the adjustment easier and published a list of tips and tricks for your first raid in the Shadowlands. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your game if you’re new to Shadowlands.

Tips and tricks for your first Shadow Swamp Raid

Castle Nathria is the first foray into the Shadowlands. The Gothic building stands in Revendret and is home to ten bosses who will do anything to kill a stranger. The latter, Ser Denatrius, is responsible for the drought in Anima: It defeats the area and feeds souls directly into the Mawa.

But the road to Sir Denatrius is long and hard. These tips will help beginners get used to Natria Castle easier and reach the final boss faster.

Learning pattern series

How can you prepare for battle if you don’t know who your opponent is? You can’t do that. To develop the right tactics and strategy, you need to know what to expect from your manager.

At Castle Natria, much depends on you and your actions. After the first boss, Scrieking, you have the choice between saving the Sun King, the Hunter Altimore and the Artificer C’Mox. After defeating the Artificer Xy’Mox or the Sun King Salvation, you’ll face the Blood Council while the Hunger Destroyer pursues the Hunter Altimore. You can find the full series here.

Once you know who your next opponent is, learn their weaknesses and exploit them in battle. This gives you a significant advantage and helps you get through the lock faster.

Balance your building

Teamwork is essential for success. Balanced teams have a much better chance of continuing the fight faster and eventually killing all opponents. In general, WoW players choose between three team sizes:

  • Small – 10 players. 2 tanks, 2 healers, 6 DPS.
  • Medium – 15 players. 2 tanks, 3 healers, 10 DPS.
  • Large – 20 players. 2 tanks, 4 healers, 14 DPS.

There is no perfect recipe for the number of rolls. What you need to look for, however, are healers. In an ideal scenario, you need one healer for every five players. That way, you can balance your strengths and still have enough support.

However, small and medium sized teams can get by with one healer if there is no other option. In this case, the healer must be a super professional. This requires a deep understanding of the role and exceptional skills.

Since success is a set of concepts, the other team members must also have good game skills. It’s hard to find professionals, especially if you’re still classified. If you want to improve your character quickly or play with pros, you can use Nathria’s boost lock. Professional boosters will help you find your way around the castle, give you valuable advice or simply do all the work for you.

Storage with consumables

Consumables are not cheap, especially at the beginning of the first raid, but you can find them very useful as you progress through the game. Remember, you can always make them yourself or have other players do it for you – for gold, of course.

That’s what you need in the end:

  • Combat potions – these are useful for all specifications. Nevertheless, you can choose the best one based on the class. All potions offer the same freshness, so you can take them all or choose the most appropriate one if you have the chance. Some examples: Sacrificial Anima Potion, Spiritual Mana Potion, Lethal Fixation Potion, Spectral Skill Potion.
  • Weapon upgrades – these are for weapons. However, consider your type of equipment: z. B. The shaded weight stone is for blunt weapons, while the shaded sharpening stone is for sharp weapons. Combine the spells with the potion and you get a much better effect. This works well with embalming oils and fortified exorcism potions.

There are also many other useful consumables. Useful potions like the Barrier Free Passage potion or the Psychopomp Speed potion, for example, can help you defeat certain bosses.

Enchant your thing.

Enchanted gear is beneficial in two ways. First, it significantly increases your productivity. Then you have a better chance of being invited, provided the chief checks your weapons. It’s not cheap, especially if you want to buy expensive pendants. Start small and don’t spend too much on enchantments until you have a good weapon that you can play with for a long time.

The first trip to the Shadowlands is exciting. You will have many adventures on your way to Sir Denatrius. To get you started, work on your game skills, balance your teamwork and don’t abuse resources: Buy only what you need and save your gold for later.

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