Outriders Achievement Guide (100% Complete)

In this guide, you will learn how to get 100% success in Outriders. If you’re one of those players trying to get all the Outriders achievements, then this guide is for you.

Before we continue with the tutorial, we want to remind you that the content of this article contains some spoilers about the game. If you are looking for a specific service, you can browse this page or press Ctrl+F to search.

Guidelines for Public Relations Objectives

There are a total of 43 achievements in Outriders. 8 of these achievements are hidden and secret. Below is detailed information on how to unlock all achievements, including secret achievements.

Performance related to history

The following achievements can be unlocked during a normal game. No extra effort is required to unlock achievements.

Wake up in a nightmare – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

In Rode A Hero – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Wavelengths and Wishes – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

One Way Ride – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Misbehavior – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Break the Seal – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Being a father is not easy, boss – keep up the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Descent into Rage – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Last chance – Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement.

Performing a secondary task

The following benefits can only be released if the conditions are met.

The priority task is to conduct a parallel search.

Multitask – Complete 25 side quests.

It is our responsibility to complete the rider’s legacy.

  • This side assignment has an accomplishment. Quest is located in Trenchtown.

Squiretization – Complete all side quests.

  • There are 25 quests in case you missed one, probably a secret quest called Chapel of the Forgotten.

The lateral search locations are separated by location:

Rift Town:

  • Bad day.
  • Pour a
  • Payback
  • Terra Infirma

First city:

  • Nothing like home.
  • The infinite darkness

Eagle Peaks:

  • Divine intervention
  • Scientific method

Deadrock Pass:

  • The call of nature
  • Free Market

Wreck Zone: 0 side quests, only hunter and desire quests (see below).


  • The legacy of the traveller
  • Misfire
  • Heart of gold
  • The treasure of life


Forest Enclave:

  • The game of manipulation
  • A predator for a prey.


Ancient ruins:


Dunes: 0 side quests, only hunters and historians (see below).


Desert Fortress:

Grand Obelisk Canyon:

  • Turnaround
  • The Forgotten Chapel [ORIGINAL QUOTE].

You must interact with all 5 pillars to start this quest. You can watch this video.

Pax City:

Caravelle: 0 side quest, only historian (see below).

Collective services

The following services are similar to those listed above.

Boss of the past – Complete the historical quest line.

  • The eternal quest in Rift Town
  • The never-ending quest in Rift Town
  • An inspiring quest in the first city
  • Vision Quest at Dead Rock Pass
  • Searching for roots in the quarry
  • Searching for memories at the door
  • Search for survival in the dunes
  • The Grand Obelisk Canyon Liaison Mission
  • Change quest to Pax City
  • Evolutionary research on the caravan

After completing all quests, you must speak with Madame Beauvoir in Rift Town.

Hand of Death – Complete the desired quest line.

  • Searching for a punch in Rift Town….
  • The search for Hannibal in the first city
  • Eagle Peaks Emergency Detection
  • Brickhead insert on the DeadRock collar.
  • The quest of the Bloody Baron in the Ruin Zone
  • Scalp King search in the quarry
  • Hornet operations in the forest enclave
  • The search for the bogeyman at the fort.
  • In search of the director in the ancient ruins
  • Blitzkrieg Quest at the Gate.

Make sure you talk to Ujio in Trenchtown after completing each quest.

Big Game Hunter – Complete the Hunter quest line.

  • Cold treasure at Eagle Heights
  • The search for the earwig queen in the demolition area
  • Quest Big Jaw in Curry
  • Splittoon Quest in Forest Enclave
  • Moldfang Quest in the Fortress
  • Ancient ruins.
  • The Wendigo’s quest is imminent.
  • Haura’s search in the dunes
  • Looking for the sand werewolf in the desert fortress
  • Typhoon Quest in the Grand Canyon of the Obelisk.

Make sure you talk to Noah Dembel in Trenchtown after completing each quest.

Benefits related to Class

You can gain the following achievements by upgrading your character. Most of them are explicit.

Fortune Favors the Bold – Reach character level 10.

Leave humanity behind – Reach character level 30.

Gathering Storm – Unlock the node in the class tree.

  • You get it when you spend your first class score on the skill tree.

Weather the storm – Control one branch of the class tree for each class.

  • Unlocked by adding skill points to the same branch/section of the character’s class tree. Note that you can reset the skill tree at any time.

Homicide-related services

The following achievements are based on the total number of enemies you have hit or damaged in the game. Most of them speak for themselves.

Snap Fingers – deals a total of 1,000,000 damage.

There are 3500 enemies to kill in the morgue.

Gravedigger’s best friend – kill 7,500 enemies.

Bad luck loves company – Kill 10 enemies with a maximum of 2 seconds between kills.

  • It’s easier with small creatures, as they get closer and closer to you. If you have problems, lower the world level (open the map, then press Z and select Level 1).

Deathblow – Kill an opponent affected by at least 4 different status effects.

  • It’s easier with a combination of two skills and two weapons. Some state effects have a slower duration, you can change the mods with Dr. Zahedi. This can also be done with co-op partners, but make sure you kill before the state effect goes away.

Clash of the Changed – Kill 5 elites with skills only.

  • Can be increased with the help of a cooperative partner. Your partner can take them down, you can finish them off with your gift if they are weak. Another method is to downgrade the world to level 1 and kill it with skills only. Elites are marked with a red skull and crossbones on the mini-map.

Punch – Kill a total of 50 enemies with a melee skill.

Hit the jackpot – Kill 1000 enemies in expeditions.

  • Expeditions are unlocked after completing the main story. You only need to kill 1000 enemies to get the achievement in this mode.

Ace in the hole – Use a power enhanced by 4 different mods.

  • Equip 4 different armors with the same skill. If you are lucky, you will find objects with the same characteristics. Otherwise, you can change mods with Dr Zahedi. You unlock mods by taking apart objects.

Creative activities and related services

The following information is based on your items and crafting activities in the game. Most of it speaks for itself, but we’ll give you a few more tips to make it easier.

Heavy merchant – Sells 300 pieces.

  • You can sell items to merchants in the towns or in Bailey (go through the story for this).

One person’s trash can – Dismantle 300 items.

  • Open your inventory, select a weapon/armor with rmb, then press the delete key (default is down).

The real potential lies in using crafting to increase the rarity of 15 items.

  • Talk to Dr. Zahedi and choose the green item (blue rarity works too, but green is cheaper) -> then upgrade the rarity option

Inventor’s Almanac – Discover 125 unique weapons and armor.

  • You unlock mods by taking apart objects.

Extreme Engineering – Use shipbuilding to replace 10 piece mods.

  • Talk to Dr. Zahedi, choose a weapon/armor with the skill, then click on the equipment mod and choose another mod. Repeat this 10 times.

War booty is the equipment of a legendary item.

  • After a few story missions you’ll get legendary items, so don’t worry about that.

Enoch’s Legacy – Equip your character only with epic or legendary items.

  • Only purple and gold objects count. Rest them in any place.

Collectible resources and achievements

The following achievements are based on the collectibles you can find in the game.

Staratel – Mine the ore from the deposit 30 times.

  • You can walk around and look for these places anywhere:

Knowledge is power. Fill a 150-page diary.

One for the books. A 300-page diary.

Performance challenges

The following achievements are related to the game challenges. To receive them, you must meet the requirements for these benefits. Some of these claims are obvious.

That’s about it. I’ve reached level 10.

I’ve been everywhere, I’ve done everything. I’ve reached level 20.

  • Press I, then Braces. On the right hand side you can see how many challenges you still have to complete to reach the next reward level. This should come naturally as you work on other achievements. If not, we recommend that you refine the combat rewards.

Class – Achieve the highest of 4 class awards for a class. (see below)

Rider, First Class – Obtain all awards in each class.

  • Press I, then Awards, then choose your class. 42 awards belong to this class, all skills have 5 levels.

Suggestions for grinding :

  1. In the first city, set the world level to 1 so the enemies die faster. Just follow the campaign trail. Watch this video for reference.
  2. A Solon expedition called Heart of the Wild, but it only works with beastly enemies. Change the challenge level to 1 and you can get 150-200 kills in 20-25 minutes (this is only recommended if you have solid gear).

And that’s it for the Outriders’ performance. Credits go to Nikki for a detailed tutorial.

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How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Group | 2021

The Facebook group is a unique feature. You can create public or private groups for different things. For example, groups for businesses, individuals, websites and others. For example, Facebook allows administrators in groups to add, remove, or change their members’ roles as administrators, moderators, etc. Features like this are great, they save time and help you manage your group more efficiently.

You can use the Facebook web client or the Facebook application to make someone an administrator. However, there are a few things you should know before doing so. Note that this is the only way to make someone an administrator. Also note that a person can remove you from this group if they wish.

You can also make someone the administrator of a Facebook group, unless they are already a member. You must first invite this user and then make him the administrator of this group. However, it is easy to make someone the administrator of a Facebook page.

Members of a Facebook group must visit and join that group to become an administrator. Once a person becomes an administrator, they can remove members or administrators, add new administrators, moderators, editors, etc., and change the group description and settings. In short, an administrator can do what he or she wants with this Facebook group.

Make someone the administrator of your group

The procedure is very simple. You can do this in the web version of Facebook or in the Facebook mobile application. But I will show you both ways. So you have a choice. Make sure you are a Facebook group administrator before doing this. Only then can you as an administrator or moderator add more members. Please follow the steps below:

On the Facebook application

Make sure your Facebook application is up to date. Then follow these steps to make someone the administrator of your Facebook group:

Open the Facebook application, then press Menu and go to Group. If you don’t see it, click on See more. Click on your groups above. Select the group. Click on the photos of the members under your group name. Now click on the option with the three dots next to a member and select Create Administrator.

Make someone a group administrator in the Facebook application.

Or go to your group in the Facebook application. Then click the administration icon in the top right corner of the group’s cover photo. Now click on Members under Membership. Click on the option with the three dots next to a member and select Create Administrator. The person will receive an invitation to become an administrator of your group.

Add an administrator to your group from the Facebook application

Once he has approved the application to become director. He becomes the administrator of your group. This person can then immediately start managing your group’s messages, group members’ messages, other administrators’ messages, etc. Also remember that an administrator or group member can leave the group at any time on Facebook and Messenger.

on PC

You can select one of the existing group members as the administrator from the PC. Follow these steps to add or manage your Facebook group from your PC:

Go to your Facebook group. Then click on the Members tab under the group name. Now click Invite Administrators in the Administrators and Moderators section. Select a group member as administrator, and you’re done.

Make someone a group administrator on Facebook PC.

Note that the user must become a member of the group or be an existing member to make it administrator. Depending on the user’s privacy settings, you may also not be able to make someone an administrator based on their Facebook privacy settings.

Another method: Connect to your Facebook group from your computer. Then click on the Members tab. Now click on the button with the three dots next to each member of the group. Click the Create Administrator option and you’re done. That’s how it goes.

Add an administrator to a Facebook Group on the PC

Can I become a Facebook group administrator without permission?

There is only one case where you are a member of the group right after the administrator, and the administrator deletes his Facebook account, and so on. You become the administrator of this group without any permission. Similarly, you cannot become an administrator of a Facebook group without permission unless you have the username and password for someone else’s FB account. We advise you to stop wasting your time looking for such methods to gain admin access to someone’s Facebook group.

Why can’t I make someone an administrator of a Facebook group?

There are many reasons why you can’t make someone the administrator of your Facebook group. The biggest and most common is that this person has joined too many Facebook groups. The person is not yet a member of your group. This is due to the user’s privacy settings on Facebook.  This person is on your blocked contacts list. The user has temporarily disabled their profile and more. So you need to find someone to manage your Facebook group.

How many administrators can a Facebook group have?

Yes, a Facebook group can have multiple administrators and moderators. But only an administrator can add and remove other administrators, members, group settings and descriptions, etc. The limit for group administrators is 5, a Facebook group can only have 5 administrators at one time. Even though he has 250 group members. There are group restrictions on Facebook that you should be aware of.

frequently asked questions

How do I add an administrator to my 2020 Facebook Page?


Can there be more than one administrator in a Facebook group?

Matter of community support.

Why can’t I add an administrator to my Facebook group?

A win-win business situation….

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Impact Of Social Media Promotion On SEO

Social media marketing (SMM) – is a set of actions to draw attention to an Internet resource (website, blog) in social networks. SMM includes advertising in groups and communities, promoting communities among the audience of social networks.

Choosing the best social media handles is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing or promotion. In 2021, social media promotion will play an important role in search engine optimization.

MMS in the services market

In addition to promotion in search results, promotion in social media has established itself as such in the market. In general, social media promotion (SMM) involves creating groups or communities around popular topics and regularly posting messages in these groups or communities. An SMM specialist is expected to be audience oriented, manage the community they lead and promote, and be able to integrate SMM marketing into the overall marketing channel of the promoted brand. One of the key characteristics of such a marketer is the ability to interact with the community’s audience, the ability to steer user activity in the right direction by analyzing incoming user flows to attract topics of interest to that audience by creating a poll or discussion on a topic that turns the community to be promoted into a discussion forum. All of this, of course, requires knowledge of web analytics,

Tips for creating community content

When drafting messages, it is advisable to use short texts, for example. B. News about a problem in your neighborhood. Use clear, eye-catching illustrations. Use hashtags at the end of posts so that users searching for posts with hashtags can find your posts even if they are not in a group or public. Provide links to the promoted pages of your site in your articles. A combination of search engine promotion and social media promotion is described below. Try to make your posts easy to read from mobile devices. And make sure you communicate with your followers. Their community should not be a voice in the wilderness. If you use delayed messages, which is very convenient, try to keep your messages at popular times, otherwise users may not see them.


When you take a closer look at social media promotion, it becomes clear that you can’t just promote search or social media. On the contrary, it is possible, but in both cases the road is longer.

Why do you need SEO skills to promote your community?

So the community is promoted on social media by advertising in popular groups, posting chats that the audience likes, and everything looks good, but why not bring that community to the top of the search results. This allows a large number of users to join the community if they are already registered on the popular social network to which the group or audience belongs. How do you do that? It’s very simple, you need to create a number of Wikipedia pages on a community topic with articles in a group or audience. The titles of the articles should exactly match the query you get on the Wordstat page. Multiple articles on small and medium searches (up to 100 and up to 1000 impressions per month). These articles should highlight the essence of the topic from different angles, bring out different opinions on the topic and provide a definition. The articles are written in an encyclopedic style, similar to Wikipedia, and are between 700 and 1,100 words long. Preferably they should contain several subsections. So we looked at how search engine promotion can help you promote your social media community.

And how does social media help promote a website in searches?

One of the factors that promote a website page in searches is the presence of links to that resource. Usually, SEOs offer these links for sale at the various doors or walkthroughs that the links lead to. Buying these links leads to a vicious cycle: gateways and link farms are quickly identified and closed, the site loses its ranking because unscrupulous sources link to it, SEOs go back to looking for links, and so on. So how can a social media community or group help? A community on the same topic as the website can provide free, quality inbound links to your website. This satisfies the search engines’ desire to see external links to the source, but at the same time solves one of the most important questions, namely where those links should come from. However, it should be noted that some believe that social media links carry more weight in search engine algorithms. There’s a good reason for that. Search engine spiders assess inbound links as a factor of popularity and authority of the website on a particular topic. And which link do you think is the most authoritative? Of course, this is a link provided by a living person, e.g. B. a simple social media user who reposted content from a group dedicated to the same topic as the website. To ensure that the social network is filled with real people and not bots, the social networks themselves monitor,

Associated companies

frequently asked questions

What influence do social media have on SEO?

blog social media seo.

What is SEO in social media marketing?

blog social media seo.

How can I integrate social media into my SEO strategy?

seo ‘ apac ‘ how-to-corporate

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Kingdom of Arcadia Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Kingdom of Arcadia
Genre: Action, Platform, Adventure System : Nintendo Switch (also available on PS4, PS5 and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher: Ratalaika Games, Spoonbox Studio | eastasiasoft
Age Rating: EU 7+ | USA All
Price : US $5.99 | UK £5.49 | EU €5.99 Release date
: 14. April 2021

Display code largely provided by Eastasiasoft


Kingdom Of Arcadia is a simple, everyday action-platformer with a fantastic design. A game with retro-graphics in which you play as a boy armed with a sword. You run through castle-like levels, hitting enemies with the sword and trying not to go crazy when you fall into a prickly pit. Is there anything new? We’ll find out.

Let’s go fly a kite…. I mean, the ball…

Daddy’s Garage

You know, sometimes going through your father’s stuff isn’t such a good idea. Maybe you’ll find that old stamp collection, that old magazine you wish you’d never seen, or maybe some old dart trophies. In the case of young Sams, he finds his father’s old slot machine. I mean, it’s a slot machine, why not just plug it in and play?

Unfortunately for Sam, this is not the most fun Pac-Man game he could have expected. Instead, he entered the game as a pixelated adventure hero. To get home, he must save Arcadia by collecting various magic sticks in the typical fantasy game setting. The premise is pretty funny, and between zones Sam makes witty comments about how the wizards are doing and reminisces about his experiences in the levels and the bosses he’s had to deal with.

This is what happens when you play too many video games.

Attack on the castle

The game is a 2D platform and action game. Just complete each of the five levels in the world and end it with a boss fight. Sam can jump and use his sword to take out the bad guys. You also have a limited number of projectiles at your disposal, which are especially useful against enemies on the other side of the room. The levels are of a decent size and leave some room for exploration, you can search for treasure chests and secret rooms behind cracked walls. Coins are often found there, which can be spent in a shop accessible between levels or after death. You can upgrade your armor for more health, your sword and your projectile for more damage. The update will also change Sam’s cosmetic appearance, which is always nice. When you die, you actually keep all the coins you collected. If you find the game a bit difficult, you can earn more coins by defeating enemies to make the experience more manageable.

Swimming time

The game is quite prone to moments of frustration. He doesn’t shy away from making you dodge tricky hazards, like moving spikes, while dodging enemy projectiles across the room. Battles with bosses are more like battles with living animals, where you have to remember their habits and find the right moment to strike. I found it very annoying because the window to dodge some of their projectiles was quite small. So if you are prone to gambling mania, you have been warned.

Sometimes the game changes things up a bit by using a balloon to reach higher ground or driving a mining cart, but for the most part you’re content to explore the maze-like levels by hitting objects with your sword.

Freeze it to the bone!

Sam Bow

The graphics are of a typical retro design. Sam has such a deranged, yet charming look. He is, after all, a bit of a time bomb. The castles you explore are typical video game settings, such as the ice zone, the sand zone and the green zone. It doesn’t really feel like an arcade game, given the premise of the game. Too bad, a greater respect for this style of play would have been nice. The graphics are decent and the soundtrack is of good quality.


Basketball jumps

The controls are also very good. Sam has that bouncy animation where he jumps around and the sword play tends towards the crush button territory, especially with bosses, because crushing doesn’t help the health bar drain just a little faster. Performance was excellent in both TV and manual modes. I encountered a bug when I went back to reading levels. There was an elevator that had decided to stay on the first floor and not go up. But restarting the level (with all my gold intact) turned out to be a solution.

Push the Boundaries!

Breakfast house

Kingdom of Arcadia will probably take about five hours in total to play out. In each level there is a hidden monster to be found. The game gives you a bronze medal if you reach 100%. To get the silver and gold, you have to play again. For me, it didn’t really encourage me to procreate. Again, with the game room, it seems like something classy would fit in here.

I found this game more enjoyable in short 30 minute periods, as playing too long becomes too frustrating. Sometimes you just have to leave to fight another day.

Doesn’t that sound like a fair fight to you?

Normal and simple

Kingdom of Arcadia is not the most original platformer. It’s a simple formula that has been used before and adds nothing new to the action platform genre. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. It plays very well and the price is very attractive. Just what you need to pass the time or maybe a nice gift for a friend who needs a boost.

It would have been nice to add more depth to the formula, but if the game taught me one thing, it’s that you really shouldn’t spy in your dad’s garage.

Final Judgment : I like it.


How do you load…

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How Companies Use Data in Investing [Full Guide]

At any given time, users around the world are generating massive amounts of data. With the current focus on the virtual business environment, it is clear that organizations are looking for effective ways to integrate this data into their decision-making processes.

How companies use data in their investments [Complete Guide]

As more and more investment firms see the value of data, the business environment is also becoming more competitive, allowing firms to leverage data in their investments. Let’s take a look at how companies can use Big Data to improve their investment decisions.

Improving operational efficiency

Without doubt, one of the most important benefits of data in investment is the improvement of operational efficiency and financial performance. Big Data is now being used to identify investment opportunities that traditional investment analysis may not recognize. While these predictions are not 100% risk-free, investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning should improve accuracy. Artificial intelligence refers to machines that collect and analyze data using algorithms that can learn and improve the quality and accuracy of results over time.

Market analysis

Market analysis is another important aspect of using data in investing. Given the dynamics of 2021, you need to know the new trends to run an effective marketing campaign. Customer preferences are constantly changing as a result of their buying behaviour. For example, companies use Big Data to create more effective marketing campaigns or even to develop new products that appeal to their target market.

For example, the data can be used to gather market information for investment in new products or simply to improve the company’s current workflow. Moreover, by investing in data, companies can improve customer support and keep an eye on customer expectations.

End of the competition

Big Data, along with other traditional data sources, can also be used for deeper competitive research. Companies can now analyze how their competitors use social media, how they engage their audience, and even determine the frequency of their online marketing campaigns. This information helps management refine its business strategy and maintain or improve its competitive advantage.

Risk anticipation and mitigation

Risk is inherent in business, but strategies to anticipate and mitigate its effects have evolved significantly. Companies that invest in data can identify risks before they cripple the business. For example, the study notes that Big Data helps companies predict the future of fashion by analyzing content from social media. Companies in the same industry can use this information to ensure the success of their future collections.

Enhanced customer loyalty and R&D

Companies can collect data on their customers’ buying experiences to determine when a product is ripe, or contact dissatisfied customers to encourage them to return. This not only builds customer loyalty, but also increases the efficiency of the R&D department and improves customer satisfaction by personalizing their experience.

Workflow optimisation

Companies can use Big Data to streamline their workflows by investing in methods that can identify delays or gaps in current processes, or even eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming processes. Access to Big Data improves business functions by accelerating decision-making processes.

Big data solutions help organizations address financial challenges, ensure regulatory compliance, and better assess employee performance. From an investment perspective, this information advantage can be used to build a stronger portfolio and gain a competitive advantage.

Implementation of new investments

Both companies and private investors typically use traditional data sources, such as. B. public financial reporting for decision-making. However, access to Big Data now provides access to a host of new variables that can improve returns while minimizing risk.

Check it out: Factors to consider when choosing a supplier.

For example, when investing in a new project, companies can use social media presence, customer behavior data, and other types of information. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is an area that can benefit greatly from this data, as the acquiring company gains a better understanding of the performance of the acquired company.

Moreover, companies can now assess all investment opportunities more accurately. It’s about accessing emotional, local and even demographic information to better assess the value of assets. It may also indicate that the asset is undervalued and overvalued, with improved performance.


In general, the business environment today is extremely competitive, and many companies must turn to big data and artificial intelligence to sort through the overwhelming amounts of data. The result is an information advantage that helps companies strengthen their strategies, create more effective marketing strategies, analyze competitors, and even improve and personalize the customer experience. Companies that fail to adapt to these changes and challenges can easily fall behind competitors who are successfully using social media insights, emotional data and other types of information to refine their business strategy. Improved workflows and more efficient internal processes can also save time and costs, allowing resources to be shifted to more profitable projects.

The post How companies use data in investing [The Complete Guide] appeared first on .

frequently asked questions

How do companies analyze their investments?

seven-way analysis stock-4845

How do investors get information?

Fund Manager’s Answers

How do companies invest in research?

Invest the article… How do you know…

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Cute Cottage House Lots For The Sims 4 (All Free) –

You want to know what I can’t do?

Building houses in The Sims.

I’ve been playing this game for almost twenty-one years and I still can’t build a house that looks good enough for my simulation. So what if I have a specific idea for a house that I can’t build?

I go to the gallery (or just around the jumpers) and find what I need.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the most beautiful (and cozy) finished houses for your Sims.

1. Malinfinstad small roofed house

Look at this CC

This nice room, a bathroom is big enough for one or two sims.

But what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in personality.

With much of the roof made of glass, this home feels so light and airy that it will put any Sim in a good mood.

Although it doesn’t have CC, it uses a pretty long list of packages. So you need to make sure you have the right extensions for this.

Your Sim family can get this little beauty for the low price of 59,045 simoleons.

2. Gino Boho Cottage by Rirann

Look at this CC

This little bohemian house has one of the best vibes on this list.

It’s so convenient. And even though it’s smaller, there’s plenty of outdoor space for your Sims to enjoy.

The build has CC, but one of the best things about downloading The Sims source is that you can also get all the CC you need in one click when you hit the download button.

Don’t forget to take a look on this porch. Because with hanging fairies and a canopy, your cornices are in one piece.

3. Hedera Cottage by Xandralynn

Look at this CC

This beautiful ivy-covered house is by far the most regal of all, and it shows in its best light.

It is an impressive stone house of two floors with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

There is also a bar, a fireplace and a desk in the lounge.

The outdoor space is just as beautiful as the indoor space and there is plenty of room for the gardener to explore his or her talents with a gazebo, planters and a table for flower arrangements.

This beautiful house can be yours for the price of 140 143 €.

4. Witch house by simnematographygj

Look at this CC

If you have a Sim who lives alone, has a penchant for gardening, and might even be a witch…. then this little house is perfect for him or her.

As long as it’s small, the landscape will surprise you.

This is a bedroom that also has a small witch room and is free of CC.

It’s all about using a little bit of everything in each package, so keep that in mind when shopping for your next home.

5. Lesser field clover Isegrimsim

Look at this CC

Oh, this one’s just precious!

This little dream house could be a converted barn, as it is still quite spacious, even though it only has one bedroom.

It has a beautiful winter garden that is completely made of windows from top to bottom. And that leads to a beautiful patio with lots of plants to give your Sims a green thumb.

It is also royalty free and can be used by anyone under §102 877.

6. Berm cottage Kiimi_2_Sweet

Look at this CC

Then we will have our first house completely finished and ready for use!

It is a picturesque house literally built into the hillside. It’s the perfect size for a single person or a couple, and it has everything you need to be completely self-sufficient in the game.

This is also a theft for §89,752.

If you go, don’t miss the rooftop terrace with the largest telescope I’ve seen on the house in a long time.

7. Ecottage Loft of Grimbucha

Look at this CC

This incredible Grimbucha loft cottage might just be the favorite on this list!

From the outside it looks like a very nice house. But there are many improvements that have made it very eco-friendly!

It is decorated with vines and creeping flowers on all sides of the stone exterior and also has a bay window for everyone to enjoy.

It has no CC, but uses a relatively large number of objects from different packages. So, as always, keep that in mind.

But the best part of this adorable cottage is the price!

Built in Windenburg, but sold for a very high price, this example could only be obtained for a price of § 53,795.

8. Brindleton Cottage near MychQ

Look at this CC

As with most homes on this list, it’s the outside that sells!

The interior is still very quirky and comfortable, but quite small. So you really have to use the open space to compensate for that.

Honestly, there are too many things in this party to list them all!

The house has the most beautifully decorated courtyard (with the wishing well turned into a flower pot! Can you believe it?!).

Not to mention that there is plenty of room for gardening.

If your Sim is looking for a comfortable escape from the daily grind, grab it before they leave.

9. Grandparent’s house in Killaben

Look at this CC

If you haven’t found a cottage you like yet, this could be the perfect gift.

The builder made this lovely little house for a bunch of grandparents who love to knit. If you like peace and quiet, this cottage is worth a try.

My favorite thing about this house are the matching porch swings. So cute!

It’s also a free CC, but it uses a bit of all the extension packages.

10. Flower House1392

Look at this CC

Do you see the power of flowers?

The time it took to plant all those flowers is truly insane.

This cute cottage has a studio/craft room on the main floor, as well as a bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and patio.

The only bedroom is on the top floor. But you can easily swap the workshop for another room if you need it.

And I have to say that these people really speak to my soul. And I bet it’ll appeal to yours, too.

If your Sims need a comfortable and lazy ride home, it’s waiting for them.

It’s also royalty free, so download it and get started!

11. Valentine’s Day Chalet Pinkfizz

Look at this CC

I know I can’t keep saying these are all my favorites, but I mean…. they are so pink!

This Valentine cottage has a bedroom in the attic and a downstairs with enough room for everything your Sims will need.

This one just screams romance to me. So, if you need a little love in your Sims’ lives, send them to this gem for a while (it will be a great place to rest, but also as a home).

12. Miss Honey’s Cottage by femmonation

Look at this CC

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this lot.

Can you believe that your Sims have a chance to live in Miss Honey’s cottage?

If you haven’t seen Matilda yet, leave the house hunting for now and check out the cottage in the movie.

It’s a way to appreciate this little home for all it has!

It’s a small converted garden house, filled to the brim with everything Sim needs to live.

The outdoor space is also breathtaking. If you need a little more space, sit in the garden and let the magic happen.

13. Elf house in the tree by dasie2

Look at this CC

Why didn’t my cabin look like this when I was a kid?

This amazing house is so magical, I feel like it can talk to your Sims.

The manufacturer could have taken this straight out of a fairy tale!

This home is CC free and offers two bedrooms, one bathroom, all built in trees.

It also has a beautiful garden and a swimming pool. So, what are you waiting for? Magic is waiting for you!

14. Briar Cottage Sim Pickens

Look at this CC

This charming cottage is just what you need for easy living.

There is a nice fence that runs the entire length of the property, so you have plenty of privacy. It also comes with many plants to enhance your gardening skills.

Plus, it’s one of the most affordable homes on this list listed at §41,561 – and it’s CC-free, too!

15. Magnolia Cottageon laundry day

Look at this CC

If you are looking for a starter home and a small project, look no further.

This small lot has an unfurnished bedroom, a cottage with a bathroom, and plenty of room for your Sims to add their own artistic touches to the decor.

The outside of the house is absolutely beautiful with all the plants and flowers around it. So even if you don’t want to work indoors right away, you can just enjoy the outdoors on your veranda.

This one has a few CCs, so follow the links in the description to get those items.

So you can get this tiny house for just $18,289.

frequently asked questions

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How To Fix System Error E208

The XBOX E208 system error is a problem that many gamers face. This usually happens during boot and does not allow you to use the console. Sometimes you can’t even access your games with this problem. There are many solutions to this problem, ranging from moderate to very severe. In this manual we describe all possible solutions for this system error. Scroll down and read below how to fix E208 system error on XBOX consoles.

Fix system error E208 on XBOX consoles

Resetting your console is the easiest way to resolve XBOX System Error E208.

There are 5 possible solutions to this problem, each increasing in severity. XBOX E208 System Error Correction :

  • Rebooting the console
  • Download the offline system update file (OSU1).
  • Updating your system
  • Reset the console to factory settings.
  • Your console needs repair

1) Console reset

  • On the Something Went Wrong screen, use the D-Pad and A button on your controller to select Troubleshoot and open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter window.
  • You can even call up the troubleshooter manually when you start up your Xbox. You can do this by turning off and unplugging the
  • Connect and restart the console after 30 seconds.
  • Hold down the Pair and Eject buttons on the console simultaneously and press the XBOX button on the console.
  • For digital consoles, such as XBOX Series S and XBOX One S All-Digital Edition, hold down the Pair button and after a few seconds press the XBOX button.
  • Keep pressing the Pair and Eject buttons.
  • You will hear two start-up tones and can then release the keys.
  • This will open a troubleshooting program when the XBOX boots up.
  • Now restart the console by selecting the Reset this XBOX option.
  • Click the Backup games and applications option.
  • This way, all your games and data are preserved while corrupted data is deleted.
  • This is the easiest solution for the E208 error in the XBOX system.
  • If this tip works, you should return to the home screen if you don’t perform the next step.

2) Download the offline system update file (OSU1)

  • On a Windows computer, connect a USB flash drive with at least 6 GB of free space.
  • Reformat the USB device to NTFS.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to a Windows computer.
  • Open the OSU1 offline system update file. You can find it in the linked article.
  • Save the .zip file on your computer.
  • Extract all data from the file by right-clicking on it and choosing Extract All.
  • Copy the $SystemUpdate file from the directory to the USB flash drive.
  • Disconnect the USB memory device from the computer.
  • Now perform this procedure on your console.

3) Upgrade your system

The offline system update option should appear when the USB is connected to the console.

  • On the Something Went Wrong screen, use the D-Pad and A button on your controller to select Troubleshoot and open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter window.
  • You can even call up the troubleshooter manually when you start up your Xbox. You can do this by turning off and unplugging the
  • Connect and restart the console after 30 seconds.
  • Hold down the Pair and Eject buttons on the console simultaneously and press the XBOX button on the console.
  • For digital consoles, such as XBOX Series S and XBOX One S All-Digital Edition, hold down the Pair button and after a few seconds press the XBOX button.
  • Keep pressing the Pair and Eject buttons.
  • You will hear two start-up tones and can then release the keys.
  • This will open a troubleshooting program when the XBOX boots up.
  • Connect the USB stick mentioned above to the XBOX console.
  • The new Offline System Upgrade option now appears.
  • Click this option to perform an offline system update.
  • After a successful upgrade, you should return to the home screen and be able to access the console without any problems.
  • This should theoretically fix the system error of the XBOX E208.
  • If not, we’ll move on to the next step in the process.

4) Reset the XBOXconsole to the factory settings.

  • On the Something Went Wrong screen, use the D-Pad and A button on your controller to select Troubleshoot and open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter window.
  • You can even call up the troubleshooter manually when you start up your Xbox. You can do this by turning off and unplugging the
  • Connect and restart the console after 30 seconds.
  • Hold down the Pair and Eject buttons on the console simultaneously and press the XBOX button on the console.
  • For digital consoles, such as XBOX Series S and XBOX One S All-Digital Edition, hold down the Pair button and after a few seconds press the XBOX button.
  • Keep pressing the Pair and Eject buttons.
  • You will hear two start-up tones and can then release the keys.
  • This will open a troubleshooting program when the XBOX boots up.
  • Now restart the console by selecting the Reset this XBOX option.
  • Click the Delete All option.
  • This clears all saved data from the console and allows you to start over.
  • You should return to the home screen and your XBOX console should work as if it were new.
  • If there is still a problem, we will proceed to the final step.

5) Your console needs repair

We hate to be the bringers of bad news, but if none of the above solutions for XBOX system error E208 works, then you have a serious problem. You must take your XBOX to the service department. To do this, you must submit a repair request in the linked article.

That’s all you need to know to fix the XBOX E208 system error. Here at GamerTweak, we have a range of games for the XBOX, so make sure you check out our video game guides!

frequently asked questions

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How can I repair E102?

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Why does my Xbox keep reporting that something is wrong?

app ‘ Answers ‘ Details ‘ a_id

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Arma 3 Getting Creator DLC Based on the Vietnam War

Bohemia Interactive and third-party developer Savage Game Design have announced the release of new creative DLC for Arma 3, based on the Vietnam War. The new DLC, titled S.O.G. Prairie Fire, takes players to Vietnam and offers a historical military sandbox experience of unprecedented scale in video games. The new S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC is scheduled for release in Q2. It comes out in the fourth quarter of 2021 and costs $22.99.

The name S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC refers to the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Survey and Observation Group (MACV-SOG). It was a U.S. Special Forces unit created in 1964 to conduct covert operations in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This audience will play a central role in the DLC’s cooperative multiplayer campaign. To make the DLC as realistic as possible, the developers worked closely with U.S. Special Forces veterans who served in the MACV-SOG before it was deactivated in 1972, as well as Vietnamese advisors.

Among the main features of the upcoming Arma 3 DLC in Vietnam:

  • Cam Lao Nam Terrain – Explore a unique 300-square-mile area representing the entire Vietnam War, including the Ho Chi Minh Trail that ran from North Vietnam through neighboring Laos and Cambodia to South Vietnam.
  • 4 Factions – Fight as the US Army (including MACV-SOG secret special forces), the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) or the Viet Cong. All parties are provided with their own uniforms and equipment.
  • Over 50 Weapons – Fight your enemy with detailed replicas of pistols, revolvers, shotguns, grenade launchers and a variety of weapon accessories. Your arsenal will be replenished with deadly grenades, traps and other special items.
  • Over 50 vehicles and static weapons (including variants) – Fight in the jungles, mountains, cities, rivers and islands of Vietnam with multiple variants of helicopters, boats, light tanks, cars, trucks, static weapons, a jet plane, five small boats and two motorcycles.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer Campaign – Play as a member of the MACV-SOG covert recon team in the middle of enemy territory in a fully voice-activated campaign of 6 highly playable cooperative missions for up to 14 players.
  • 9 Multiplayer Scenarios – Play 9 new scenarios in the official Arma 3 modes: End Game, Warlords, Zeus and Escape. Bonus ash and trash missions with routine helicopter missions around the beautiful countryside and sights of Cam Lao Nam.
  • 5 Single Player Scenarios – Explore the weapons, vehicles and equipment used during the Vietnam War in two new demonstration scenarios. In addition, for both MACV and PAVN, there is a mission that introduces you to jungle combat from every angle. The bonus mission Ash & Trash can also be played in the single player mode.
  • Sound and effects – Experience Vietnam with immersive sound carefully designed to reproduce the sounds of guerrilla warfare in the jungle: the screams of wild animals, the bustling vegetation, Charlie’s soft whispers, the impact of bullets, explosions and the cries of the wounded.
  • Music – Listen to an atmospheric rock and blues soundtrack and a film score written on Vietnamese instruments. Players can tune in to the in-game radio station, which also broadcasts original news from the Vietnamese armed forces and advertisements that were broadcast at the time.

Additional Content – S.O.G. Prairie Fire has been enhanced with various modules and items that can be used when downloading the DLC. This includes custom systems for combat logistics, artillery and air support, short-range combat and more – as well as 100 food, potion and medical items and over 150 building structures and forts that can be used to support community-generated content and game types.

Bohemia Interactive and Savage Game Design have also announced a small closed beta test for the next two weeks. This will allow some members of the Arma 3 community to test the new DLC and report any remaining technical issues regarding playback on different PC configurations. To ensure there are no compatibility issues for non-DLC owners, Savage Game Design will also be releasing a compatibility data pack on the Arma 3 Steam Workshop.

This compatibility pack allows players who do not own S.O.G. Prairie Fire to play on multiplayer servers with DLC components. Players will also be able to inspect the game’s new resources before making the final decision to purchase the DLC. However, full access to the DLC, which includes the Cam Lao Nam terrain, campaigns and single-player scenarios, is exclusive to DLC owners. It will also include restrictions on the use of in-game DLC assets by non-owners.

No release date has been confirmed yet, but for more information you can visit the project’s official page or its Steam page, where you can add it to your wishlist.

Looking forward to going back to Arma 3 and trying out the new Vietnam DLC? Let us know your comments in the section below.

6 Benefits Of Hiring An IT Consultant

If you are looking for a professional to help your business with its IT challenges, hiring an IT consultant is always the best solution.

When it comes to IT support, it is more economical to use an external provider than to manage an entire IT department. It’s also much cheaper to hire an IT consultant who has the experience and expertise to bring new perspectives to your business plan.

However, keep in mind that not all IT consultants are the same. For example, if you need help with software development, you should hire consultants from companies like GreyLoud that offer solutions around software development.

When you hire the right and best IT consultant for your company’s unique IT needs, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Press your finger on the modern interface with text-based computer experts. The concept of the information technology professional. Composition between the photo and the 3D background

  • Rebuild your computer system

In addition to reinforcing the role of technology in your business strategy, IT consultants can be of great help in revitalizing your IT system and showing you what changes you need to make.

For example, cyber security experts can audit your computer system and identify security holes in your business. Cloud IT consultants can show you how to save money on cloud products and leverage the cloud for greater efficiency.

IT consultants can often provide support in different areas of your business, such as. B. Compliance, cloud platforms, web design, SQL support, cybersecurity, etc.

  • Helps to focus on the core processes of the company

Regardless of the industry or company you work in, it’s best if employees focus on their core competencies. For example, doctors, teachers, office managers, lawyers and all other workers are more productive at what they do best.

Trying to understand everything about computers can be a distracting and frustrating task that can also be expensive. On the other hand, the use of IT consultants allows you and your staff to focus more on their core tasks, ensuring better productivity while optimizing your results.

Time and money are two things you don’t want to waste as a business owner. Also, if you feel responsible to use your current employees for certain IT activities to save money, you are only hurting yourself.

Most employees are not computer literate. Adding even more responsibility to their busy plate will only lead to inevitable failure and stress. They may also not be allowed to pay overtime.

If you plan to hire a full-time IT professional, make sure you need a full-time IT department to support that position. IT consultants are often hired on a short-term basis for a specific task, which is profitable for the business owner.

  • Integrating IT into your business strategy

The IT department is generally considered a support department, but IT does not participate in the company’s decision making in a significant way. IT has a lot of ideas to add. IT professionals play a crucial role in your business plan and can help you integrate technology into your strategy.

IT consultants play an active role in making smart technology decisions to support the growth of your business. Because IT consultants provide services to many clients, they can also offer a fresh perspective on your unique business challenges.

  • Access to in-depth knowledge

No matter how good your employees are, you can’t expect them to master IT aspects like mobile platforms, cloud migrations, and cyber security if they aren’t IT professionals. Therefore, it is useful to hire an IT consultant for your business.

One of the best things about using IT consultants is that they give companies access to expertise outside of their usual field, but you don’t have to pay them if you don’t need their expertise. Not only will this save your business money, but you will also be assured that all your IT issues will be resolved in the shortest possible time. This is only possible if you work with a highly qualified and experienced IT consultant.

  • Give your business a competitive advantage

In an ever-changing IT market, you may not have the time to keep up with current trends that could hurt your business.

If you don’t want to do that and want to stay on top of the latest IT trends, don’t hesitate to hire an IT consultant. These professionals are always up to date on current IT changes or trends. With their expertise, you can be sure that your business will have a long-term competitive advantage.


IT is a complex and constantly evolving domain that is best left to experienced professionals such as IT consultants. Make sure you hire someone who has been in the business for years and knows your growing IT needs to get the benefits listed above.

frequently asked questions

What makes a good IT consultant?

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What does a computer consultant do?

oon consultant description of the work

What are the reasons for considering IT consulting?

Six reasons to stay away….

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Outriders Pyromancer Legendary Armor Guide – Legendary Armor Sets

Pyromancer Legendary Armor – Legendary armor, bonuses, mods.

This Pyromancer Legendary Armor Guide introduces you to all of the Pyromancer’s Legendary Armor kits, with their bonuses and the level 3 mods you get with each piece of legendary armor in the kit.

Each class in the game has four sets of legendary armor, each with the legendary armor pieces that make up the set. Legendary armor sets give powerful bonuses to your character class when you equip three or more legendary pieces.

Legendary armor can be obtained by defeating elite bosses in the game’s side missions or on expeditions you participate in after completing the game. You can also significantly increase your chances if you play at the highest world level, where you have over a 400% chance of getting legendary armor if you defeat enemies or complete missions.

Pyromancer Legendary Armour Guide

Below we have all the legendary armor sets with their bonuses, armor and mods that come with each piece of legendary armor.

Akari’s Armor

Each enemy damaged by Heatwave gives you a 25% bonus to Anomaly power for 10 seconds.

Legendary armor The best models
Akari Helmet
  • Fire Tsunami – Heatwave (Level 3)
  • Ember Shield – Overheat (level 1)
Akari’s armor
  • Detonator – Overheating (level 3)
  • Rising tide – Heat wave (Level 1)
Akari’s Gauntlets
  • Firepower – Heatwave (level 3)
  • Blacksmith – Overheating (level 1)
Akari towel
  • Echoes of an anomaly (Level 3)
  • Radiation wave – Heat wave (level 1)
Akari boots
  • Main consumer – overheating (level 3)
  • Heat wave (Level 1)

Lava Leach

Reduces Eruption’s cooldown and increases its damage.

Legendary armor The best models
The Lava Leach helmet
  • Master Ash – Ray F.A.S.E.R. (Level 3)
  • Magma Cover – Eruption (phase 1)
Roba superior by Lava Leach.
  • Not impressed (level 3)
  • Giga-Explosion – Eruption (Level 1)
The attraction of lava
  • Etna – Eruption (phase 1)
  • Power Supply – F.A.S.E.R Beam (Level 1)
The Lower Robe lava plant.
  • Increased damage – Disruption (level 3)
  • Dimensions – F.A.S.E.R Beam (Level 1)
Lava boots
  • Equal opportunities (level 3)
  • Vulcan Armor – F.A.S.E.R. Ray (Level 1)


Increases the damage of flame and heat bombs by 50%.

Legendary armor The best models
Reform Corps
  • Double Fun – Heat Bomb (Level 3)
  • Big Boom – Heat Bomb (Level 1)
Armaments reform
  • Burn – Heat bomb (level 3)
  • Ball absorption – Flame feed (level 1).
The hands of the reformers
  • Unstoppable Force (level 3)
  • True Explosion – Heat Bomb (level 1)
Boots for the Reformer
  • Assimilation capacity (level 3)
  • Nova – Feeding the Flame (Level 1)
The reformed rag
  • Flame sensor – flame feed (step 3)
  • Greek fire – Heat bomb (level 1)


Triples the size of the damage aura around each volcanic projectile.

Legendary armor The best models
The mask of the executioner
  • Death sentence – ashes explosion
  • Armor – Vulcan ammo
The vest of the executioner
  • Vulnerability – Volcanic eruptions
  • Radiation flame – Vulcan cartridges
The executioner’s gloves
  • Introvert
  • Fire extinguisher explosion – ashtray
Dust of the executioner
  • Ash and leeches – ash explosion
  • Extra Mag – Volcanic ammunition
Pyotchik’s shoes
  • Echoes of an anomaly
  • Empowerment – Ashgabat

Click on the links below for more information:

This concludes our guide to legendary armor pyromancers. Post your comments below.

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